No One Can Steal Christmas

No One Can Steal Christmas

Not Even the Grinch

Dr. Seuss’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” is one of my favorite stories. Many of you who have read it know that the Grinch does all in his power to take away the spirit of Christmas. However, we also know that in taking the trees, ornaments, food, and presents, he fails in his attempt because he does not stop Christmas from coming. Somehow or another, it comes just the same. He realizes that Christmas doesn’t come from a store; Christmas means a little bit more.

For each of us, as Christian believers, we realize the same thing – nothing can take our Christmas away. We could remove the gifts, tree, and star, but the one person who makes it happen will always be with us. For Christmas doesn’t come from a store; it means a little bit more. It means that the man called Jesus Christ became one of us to live with us here in our midst. It is because of Him that we celebrate with each other even if everything else is gone.

Like the people of Whoville, the difference is seen as our hearts grow bigger, our love increases, our working for justice increases, and our faith grows. We hold ourselves to the true meaning of Christ’s life as we learn of Christ.

This is what BSM means to me, and it is why I chose to come back to be chaplain. As a student who graduated in 1966 from Benilde High School, my heart was formed by this community to be a person of faith, service, justice and love – to be the life of Christ, the presence of Christ as the faculty, staff and classmates were to me. I wanted to bring some of that as best I could to this school.

One of my teachers, Mr. O’Leary, asked me a question my senior year after I was not accepted to my college of choice: “Have you ever thought of being a Priest?” I said, “no I have never thought of it.” As they say, the rest is history. That insight and wisdom was a gift from this community of BSM. Hopefully, I can be a person of wisdom and insight as well.

As the Grinch did not steal Christmas, so the Spirit of BSM can’t be taken out of me: “Once a Red Knight, always a Red Knight!”