A New Year...What Does It Really Mean?

Group of students greeted by faculty/staff walking into school

A New Year...What Does It Really Mean?

A blast of students descended upon the campus of Benilde-St. Margaret’s in mid-August for the start of fall athletic seasons. Red Knight Roundup brought scores of students and families to campus to ready for the 2017-2018 school year. The most recent orientation events for students and parents meant that a new year was here. But, what does that really mean? 

A new year generally means that significant summer construction has been completed. In our case, the most visible improvement can be seen by walking through the front door, where you will notice the striking new flooring with a fantastic design highlighting our trademark BSM Shield. It also means teachers have again built their professional expertise by attending a multitude of conferences in preparation for the year ahead. And yes, it also means that our summer vacations are now grand memories. 

There is something special about each new school year; it brings a renewed sense of hope and faith to everyone in our school regardless of the past. Each teacher walks into the building ready to create more meaningful experiences for our students than they did the year before. They are eager to put their most recent professional learnings into practice. Coaches and advisers look to the season ahead with a fresh perspective and will to improve. Parents anticipate a successful year for their children through their school experiences. Most importantly, our students walk through the door with a profound sense of hope believing that their year will be filled with promise.

In thinking about the new year, our focus should be placed squarely on promoting the hope and faith of our students, guiding them to persist, which is not an easy task. It requires us to acknowledge the gifts our students bring to the school. It requires us to challenge our students beyond their comfort zone. It requires us to actively use mistakes and misconceptions to build deep learning. It requires us to find trust in each other and in God. Thinking about the new year, let us each commit to being one that fosters hope even in our most challenging times. 

We are all looking forward with great hope and faith to an exciting, challenging, and fruitful year for our students, families, and alumni. Unequivocally, we will help our students develop their “fullest potential in body, spirit and mind.”  

Wishing you all grace and blessings in the year ahead,




Adam Ehrmantraut, Ed.D.