Looking Back: Six Years as a Red Knight

Looking Back: Six Years as a Red Knight

Recently, on the way to my psychology class, I started to have flashbacks of 7th and 8th grade. Whether it was algebra with Mr. Hennen or 7th grade biology with Mrs. Zahedi, I could look into their classrooms and picture myself sitting there. As I passed through the junior high and into the north building, I felt very humbled knowing I was walking the same halls I had six years ago. and am still able to greet each of my old junior high teachers as if I had been in their class yesterday.  

I can still remember my first week as a BSM 7th grader. It was my first time using a locker, rather than a cubby without a lock, and I was constantly worried about learning to use it and memorize my combination. But one problem I never had was finding things to do. In fact, I wanted to do too much! Right away when I got to junior high I joined the soccer team, junior high pop choir, Student Ambassadors (which was known as the Red Carpet Club), student council, student newspaper, basketball and the junior high musical. I was the definition of overscheduled, but I loved it.

When I was in 8th grade, I was cast as a munchkin in the senior high production of the Wizard of Oz. As one of five junior high kids in the musical, I was scared, intimidated and out of my element in the senior high world. High school just seemed so far off in my mind. But soon, I saw that these “scary” older kids were more like me than I knew. I made friendships that are still strong to this day. It was one of the most valuable experiences I had in the BSM junior high.

Because I was able to try so many different things, I was able to figure out which ones I wanted to prioritize and pursue in high school.  With all my experiences in junior high, I realized I was ready to leave my sporting career behind and continue to delve into the BSM drama and music departments. I already knew the directors from productions in junior high, so it made it easier to get involved right away. I participated in every drama department show available to me and was able to keep branching out to make the most of my BSM experience. Those two years in junior high gave me the confidence and security within the BSM community to really explore my passions.

Now, as a senior, I’ve become part of many communities within the one BSM family. Every so often a memory of junior high is brought up, and everyone who was a part of it will light up as we reminisce together. I can almost immediately bond with classmates I don’t know very well over these fond (and sometimes awkward) memories together. It’s like we instantly rekindle a past friendship.

One of the memories that connects every one of the junior high alums is the 8th grade trip to Wolf Ridge. While current 8th graders were up north a few months ago, my senior ecology class discussed vivid memories of our experience. Whether it was zip lining on the ropes course or snowshoeing, we accomplished many things that pushed us out of our comfort zone. One highlight everyone remembered was laying on the frozen lake, looking up at the stars, envisioning our lives as a high school class. Just as I envisioned it on the ice with my 8th grade peers, I graduated the junior high and have had four great years in the senior high. However, I never knew just how amazing it would be.