The Importance of the BSM Annual Fund

The Importance of the BSM Annual Fund

Knight School is my favorite event of the year. It’s fun to be at school for the start of a new year. You get to see all the familiar faces you’ve come to know, and you meet new parents and teachers. It’s hard to imagine, but my husband Mike and I have been part of BSM for 10 years now – times goes so fast!

We chose BSM for our two children, Anna and Logan, because of the academics, the strong sense of community and the commitment to service. We felt the energy in the building the first time we visited, and we knew this would be a great fit for our family.

During my time in the BSM community, I’ve learned just how essential the BSM Annual Fund truly is. Tuition alone does not cover the entire cost to educate our students. This year, the gap between tuition and the cost to operate the school is $1,590 per student.

The BSM Annual Fund is so important for every family. It provides access to opportunities for everyone throughout the school year. The Annual Fund supports all activities and athletics, and our participation rate in extracurriculars is much higher than most schools, so this helps more than 90% of our students participate in one or more program.

It supports technology for all students and teachers. All students received a brand new MacBook Air this year. It helps the outstanding dedicated faculty who teach our children every day. Additionally, the BSM Annual Fund also supports tuition assistance, part of our Catholic mission, to make this experience accessible to any family who wants to be a Red Knight.

Our experience as a family has been great, and we feel it’s important to support this school beyond tuition payments. Therefore, I’m asking all parents to thoughtfully consider how much you can give to the Annual Fund this year. Not if you can give, but how much can you give? All gifts matter, whether they are $5 or $50,000. Give an amount that fits your circumstances, and it will make a difference.

Together, we can keep BSM strong spiritually and financially. Thank you!

You can make a gift today here.