Humility in the BSM Community

Magnet of scripture theme placed on lockers

Humility in the BSM Community

2017-2018 Scripture Theme

“God guides the humble in righteousness, and teaches the humble the way.” – Psalm 25:9

Annual Scripture themes at BSM have been a tradition for the last ten years. Choosing the scripture theme is truly a team effort. After brainstorming ideas for an overarching theme, we find three scripture passages that fit with our theme. In May, during their training, Link Crew leaders work in small groups on a number of tasks, one of which is to rank the three scripture theme options. From there, the final decision is made, and a graphic to symbolize the theme is created. Faculty and staff receive printed reflections that they can reference with students throughout the year, and on the first day of school, everyone receives a magnet with the graphic as a constant reminder of the theme.

From the start, we have found inspiration, guidance, and comfort from the verses we highlight. We have focused on themes ranging from community and recognition of the poor to holy ground and being still. Our theme last year, let love be sincere, from Paul’s Letter to the Romans, guided us through difficult times and difficult conversations. This year, we turn to the wisdom of the Hebrew Scriptures, specifically the Psalms, and look to the relationship of God with His people.

As the school year progresses, I encourage you to reflect on the idea of humility, not only in your personal life, but also humility as it applies to the BSM community. We have rich wisdom in regard to humility from our three founding orders. The Sisters of St. Joseph strive to perfect that relationship of the people with each other and the people with God through the works of charity rooted in humility.  They truly espouse the words of Pope Francis:– “Humility and tenderness are not virtues of the weak, but of the strong.” St. Benedict in his rule talks about humility as a virtue that members of a community must have in order for the community to be fruitful in its work. And, John Baptist de La Salle lists humility as one of the 12 virtues of a good teacher - "humility eliminates pride, is without ambition, humility eliminates jealousy and is not overconfident about its own views. Humility makes a teacher glad to share knowledge with the students, humility makes the teacher courageous. Humility makes a teacher easy to approach." – Lasalle's twelve virtues of a Good Teacher

The hope for this year’s theme is twofold. First, this theme of humility and the idea that the Psalms encourage a relationship with God inspires all members of the BSM community to reflect on their own life, the qualities that make one humble and how we can bring those gifts to our school. Secondly, it reminds us that spending some time with this Psalm may bring clarity on the virtue of humility, bringing to light the qualities of a humble person and sharpening our understanding of why there is need for humility in the world today.