Homecoming and the BSM Community

2017 BSM Homecoming court pose with the crowned kind and queen.

Homecoming and the BSM Community

Every day is a great day to be a Red Knight! During homecoming week, however, being a Red Knight means a little bit more. The traditions of homecoming week remain ostensibly unchanged with coronation and boys volleyball on Monday, Power Puff football on Wednesday, the pep fest and the homecoming football game on Friday, and closing the week's festivities with the dance on Saturday. As a student, I knew BSM and the traditions upheld here were special, but now, having worked at several schools across the country, I realize that I was fortunate to grow up in this community. I am equally as fortunate to be back amongst the BSM community working as a substitute teacher and a football coach.

Although my role has changed, I still feel as much a part of the tradition as ever. In the teachers’ lounge, faculty and staff members talk about what kind of outfits they will wear for dress up days. On the football field, the coaches strategize for the game and for how to keep the players focused during practice amidst all the distractions going on around them.

Football games don't get much bigger than the one the Red Knights will be playing on Friday night. Both teams come into the game with a 5-0 record. As BSM and Holy Angels are in the same district and the same section, there is a lot more on the line than maintaining a perfect record. The winner of the game will have a good chance to win the district, as well as earn the number one seed in sections, meaning a bye week and home field advantage throughout sectional playoffs. With this game carrying so much significance, it is important to remember not to look too far in advance. We need to focus only on the game at hand and nothing more.

Win or lose (but hopefully win), the world and homecoming week will go on. Students will take pictures, go to Benihana for dinner, and dance the night away regardless of the outcome. That is part of what makes BSM and the BSM community unique. We are not defined by one sport or activity. We share in the success of others and comfort them in times of loss. We gather together to celebrate our faith. We are one community, one family. We are Red Knights! 

Right picture (left): Jake Ingalls and classmates at Class of 2008 graduation ceremony.