Grandparents’ Day: A Special Red Knight Tradition

Grandparents’ Day: A Special Red Knight Tradition

Bob and I have been celebrating Grandparents’ Day with our grandchildren since 2010. The Shull/Wolfe grandchildren are the fourth generation of our family to have had the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful Benilde-St. Margaret’s community.

  • First generation was their great grandmother, Mary Jane Knaeble Peters, St. Margaret’s class of 1938.
  • Second generation is me, Karen Peters Shull, St. Margaret’s class of 1965.
  • Third generation are their parents Jim Shull ’89 (wife Michelle), Nicole Shull Wolfe ‘91 (husband Tom) and their (Uncle) Joe, ’97.
  • Fourth generation are our seven grandchildren: Charlie Wolfe ‘16 now at Notre Dame, Henry Wolfe ‘18 now at the University of Iowa, George Wolfe ‘21, Matilda (Tilly) Wolfe ‘22, Jack Shull ‘23 and Eddie Wolfe ‘24. 

Our youngest grandchild as of today is Robert Shull, who will be attending Benilde-St. Margaret’s in two years. As part of the class of ’26, he gives us the possibility of having attended over 15 years of BSM Grandparents’ Days!

This community is so special to all of us. The Catholic education and atmosphere at the school are so beautiful. We look forward to this wonderful day each year as we enjoy time with all of our grandchildren. The celebration of Mass followed by breakfast in the Great Hall gives us time to reflect on how important we are in each other’s lives. Our grandchildren also know that it was at a dance in the Great Hall that I met my husband Bob Shull from DeLaSalle.

We can learn so much from our grandchildren and pray that we can teach them a few things along the way as well. We hope to instill the valuable lessons they’re learning each day from their wonderful parents and from the Red Knight community.

So, as we look forward to Grandparents’ Day Friday, October 5, the one thing we want all of our grandchildren to know is that they will always be loved by grandma and grandpa. A grandparents’ love for a grandchild is a very powerful love; it is truly a love that cannot be replaced.

We hope to see you at Grandparents’ Day as it truly is a very special tradition here at BSM.

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