Finding a New Home

Finding a New Home

In the spring of 2017, in connection with our upcoming move from Chicago to the Twin Cities, our family began exploring high school options for our son Peter. We started in a typical fashion, researching schools online and talking to numerous admissions offices. In March, we scheduled shadow visits for Peter at Catholic and nondenominational schools that seemed to be the best fit for him and our family. Peter enjoyed the school visits, and we welcomed the opportunity to tour and get a sense of the energy and atmosphere at several schools. We met dedicated teachers, faculty and coaches at all of the schools. Students we encountered were happy and proud of their schools.

How to decide on a school? As a parent, I loved the time we spent at Benilde-St. Margaret’s. To me, BSM had something extra special, but it was difficult to describe. Perhaps it was the extra time the admissions staff spent answering our questions. Maybe it was the friendly smiles from students in the hallways. Or, possibly, it was the time a coach dedicated to answering Peter’s questions. It was an intangible that made BSM the frontrunner from a parent’s perspective.

From the beginning though, our family agreed the high school choice would be Peter’s. Happily, Benilde-St. Margaret’s was also his first choice. Peter was the one who put into words the intangible I couldn’t describe. He simply said that Benilde-St. Margaret’s felt like home.

Now, a few months into his freshman year, Peter enjoys his classes, classmates and extracurricular activities. He has truly settled into his new home. As a parent, I know it’s a home where his mind and heart will grow. And, as a new BSM family, we’ve had the opportunity to attend school, social and volunteering activities. We’ve been welcomed and are truly thankful to now be part of the Red Knight community.

I would encourage all prospective families to come to BSM to really experience the community in action. It’s one thing to search for schools online or make a phone call to an admissions person; however, making the effort to spend time at Benilde-St. Margaret's really made the difference. It reaffirmed all of the things we had seen online and heard from others.