Finding a Home in the BSM Junior High

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Finding a Home in the BSM Junior High

Last year, I came to BSM as a brand new 7th grader, and I didn’t know anyone. As the year progressed, I met some people through swim team, pop choir, and just by being at school. However, I still didn’t feel like I was very close to anyone. It wasn’t until I auditioned for the junior high play that I really started to build some friendships. I knew from the very beginning that the theater department was going to be a place I would fit in.

When I went to auditions last year, everyone was so nice and full of energy. Nobody was judgmental, and even when you messed up a part in the dance auditions or did something goofy while playing an improv game, everybody was super nice. In last year’s production of Dear Edwina Jr., I was a girl scout, a vampire, and a talent agent. It was so much fun playing a variety of characters and goofing around with a bunch of energetic people on stage. By doing the show last year, I made lots of friends who I continued to hang out with even after the show was over.

When I heard that the junior high would be putting on a production of Beauty and the Beast Jr., I was excited because I knew the story and that the show had great music. Many of my friends were auditioning for the show, and I knew, from the minute I walked into auditions, that the show was going to be awesome. The cast was going to be a great one. I think the highlight of my time here at BSM has been landing the roll of Belle in the musical. I wanted the role so bad, and when I found out, my heart almost leaped out of my chest!

One of the many things I love about the theater department at BSM is that the whole process is fun. I’ve been doing theater since I was six and I love it, but sometimes the process of building a show can get tiring. However, in the BSM theater department, our director Mr. Lee never lets rehearsals become boring, and everyone is constantly having fun. When you’re not on stage rehearsing your scenes, you are off somewhere running lines, doing homework, or hanging out and getting to know other people. Of course, my favorite part of the whole process is the performance. Everyone has worked hard for weeks, and everyone finally gets to see the show come to life with lights, costumes, makeup, sets, and an audience.

I am so excited for our shows next week – February 23, 24 and 25. I hope you’ll all come see them! I have loved being Belle in this year’s production of Beauty and the Beast Jr., and I can’t wait to do more shows in the future at BSM.

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