Diving in Head First

Diving in Head First

Last year, as a new parent to the Benilde-St. Margaret’s community that is steeped in history, tradition, faith and alumni support, it seemed overwhelming to become involved and find a place in such a close, tight-knit community – the operative word here is community.

That was exactly how my family and I were immediately embraced by the welcoming BSM community we were so warmly drawn into, by getting involved. It was like being swept up into a wave of shared excitement and fun. We were genuinely welcomed on so many levels, and wholeheartedly encouraged to become involved. 

I was fortunate enough to be asked to become part of our vibrant and dynamic Parent Association (PA). I can honestly say that the individuals who make up the PA are some of the most energetic, authentic and welcoming people I have had the pleasure of working with. I truly see what an integral part of our community the PA plays. Specifically, I have enjoyed being a part of the hospitality committee as co-chair over the last year and chair this year. This position is near and dear to my heart as many of the aspects involve promoting BSM to new families and potential families, as well as thanking our amazing teachers and staff for truly being the “magic” behind the “magic” of BSM. (Not to mention that most Hospitality events involve food. Being an Irish Catholic girl, I know that is the best way to one’s heart!)

One of the most enjoyable events Hospitality hosts is providing “Finals” breakfast sandwiches to all students free of charge each morning of final exams. I am continually blown away at the genuine, thankful attitude that our kiddos exhibit, and their ability to converse with adults. I can only attribute this to our outstanding parents and community!

I have been asked by many incoming new parents, “What is the best way to become involved?” I explain that it’s best to just dive in head first. BSM offers so many opportunities to become involved. They range in numerous levels of time commitments that can fit anyone’s schedule…and honestly, it’s just plain FUN!

The Parent Association is just one of the amazing ways to volunteer. There are also multiple ways to volunteer within Parent Association, including holding a chair or co-chair position, simply signing up to meet new friends or with your group of friends, or working at one of our events. Ultimately, we are only given a limited amount of time with our kids while they are still under our immediate care. I can’t think of a more enjoyable way to give of my time than truly “diving in” to this community that has so richly embraced my child and family.

As we give our children both “roots and wings,” volunteering, for me, is a small way that I can still stay involved in my daughter’s life, while giving her the wings to soar. I am so excited that my daughter will be a BSM alumna, and I hope I have the opportunity, through volunteering, to make other families’ Red Knight community experience at BSM magical!