Community Building Through Service

Community Building Through Service

BSM is a place where you feel like a part of one community, the Red Knight community, every day. This past semester in our theology class, Christology: The Person of Jesus, we took part in a multitude of activities to emphasize this feeling of being part of a loving community. One of the things that stood out to me in class was the Sharing of the Heart group activity. I had the opportunity to learn about some of my classmates on a personal level which made me happy.

Sharing of the Heart groups is just a small example of the community building we participated in. Another form of community building we experienced was our trip to Feed my Starving Children. It was a fun way to help others in need and a great opportunity to learn beyond the classroom. Going to Feed my Starving Children showed me how BSM comes together as one community to help others. It was a day of fun, talking with people we do not see every day in class while also helping people in need. That is what BSM is all about; making friends, growing stronger, learning, serving others and having a good time.

In my eyes, I see our community building as another way we, as Red Knights, show our faith. Sometimes we refer to this as “faith in action.”  In my theology class, we really focus on community building both in and outside of the classroom. This helps ensure we come to class every day feeling like we are loved and ready to learn. I learn best when my surrounding environment is filled with positive energy. BSM is a school where you can shine your light and let your voice be heard because we really are one community.

Being a community that is loving and open is not always easy. While in theology class, I am reminded every day to try my best and be the true person God sees in me. By the second semester, students have made friendships and know their way around the class.

Making the community bond stronger through a class like theology, is the perfect time and place for it. I continually am reminded of the community feel of BSM, and theology class is one of many shining lights reminding me that we are Red Knights and that we are a loving caring community.

Benilde-St. Margaret's has been recognized as a national service-learning leader school and mentors schools around the world. Serving is part of the culture at BSM. Students, faculty, staff and alumni all participate in service. Click here to learn more about how we help every Red Knight become a dedicated servant leader.