The College “Game”

Students walking past the college and career center in main entrance.

The College “Game”

Benilde-St. Margaret’s School offers our students a challenging college preparatory curriculum that guides each individual toward his/her “highest potential in body, spirit and mind." In that light, each fall our students and families focus on future college and university choices. A vast majority of our seniors prepare college applications to meet the national November 1 deadline. Many others, at various grade levels, visit college campuses. Our families devote time, resources, prayer and conversation to these important decisions. 

Over the past decade, the college application and decision process has required much more from students and families. This added demand brings added stress. In many cases, an arms race of collegiate choice is ensuing. How should we be framing that very important decision as educators and parents?

One of our Guidance & College Counselors, Mrs. Amanda Anderson, provides incredibly valuable insight in stating: “The college application process is not a game to be won but a match to be made.”  It is important to remember that each of our students is unique as are their plans for the future. The thousands of colleges nationally and internationally offer a range of experiences for our students. These simple facts alone suggest the importance of a match philosophy. 

BSM’s Guidance & College Counselors understand the weight of the college decision and look at each student’s situation uniquely, embracing the idea of finding the perfect match. They tap into their extensive collegiate knowledge base to help students and families understand the academic programming and co-curricular opportunities. School culture, geography, career goals and finances are also an essential part of the final determination.     

It is clear that college choice is an incredibly meaningful decision for our Benilde-St. Margaret’s families as there are both short and long-term implications. As a college preparatory school, it is rooted in our mission. Whichever role you play related to the college “game,” enjoy the investigation as it unfolds, say a few prayers and find that wonderfully fitting match.

Thanksgiving blessings to you all,

Adam Ehrmantraut, EdD