BSM Blog: Spiritual Training

BSM Blog: Spiritual Training

A few weeks ago, every major league baseball team returned to Florida or Arizona for spring training. They will spend eight weeks or so getting into physical shape and working on the fundamentals getting themselves ready for opening day. They will work on bunting, hitting the cutoff man, covering first base as a pitcher and being able to quickly turn a double play. They do this because odds are, they may have sluffed off during the off seasons and lost some of their sharpness.

I invite us to look at these seven weeks of Lent as our Spiritual spring training, our getting into shape, our returning, our working on our fundamentals of our Spiritual life. Our manager, our coach, Jesus, is telling us: Get yourself into spiritual shape personally, in your relationship to God, others, your true self.

Our coach, our manager, Jesus, tells us during Lent to look at our prayer, our fasting, our almsgiving. Have I drifted away from my relationship with God, from the people in my life, from my true self? It may be we have had an “off’ season for a while and have gotten out of shape, sloppy in Spiritual training.

So, we look to our fundamentals of Lent:

Prayer - Take on a new form of prayer, pray at different times, sit for a moment at the end of the day, take a walk and think how I have experienced God today, where has God been in my day?

Fasting - Fasting means giving up, so I give up talking too much and listening more. It might be fasting from hurtful words and instead, saying kind words. Fasting from worry and trusting more in God. Fasting from selfishness and being compassionate toward others.

Almsgiving - Take on reaching out, give to someone in need through our Common Basket or through pennies for Guatemala, visit a shut-in elderly neighbor who has been shut-in because of the cold and snow.

The ashes we received on Ash Wednesday can be our “team” logo, emblem – it is not TC, NY, B, LA. It’s our sign that as Scripture says: “We are Ambassadors for Christ.”

Take on this season of Lent by revealing Christ in our midst. In these seven weeks of Lent, the whole community of BSM will be getting into great Spiritual Shape. So, enjoy it and enjoy Lent!

Fr. Tim Wozniak ‘66
BSM Chaplain