BSM Blog: My Real-World Experience in Leadership & Law

BSM Blog: My Real-World Experience in Leadership & Law

Benilde-St. Margaret’s has taught me to set, strive for and achieve every goal I create. From joining the Mock Trial team in eighth grade, to participating in Speech, BSM has also helped me evolve into being a better leader overall. My experience at BSM has helped to shape and prepare me for my new role as a Mock Trial junior captain and an extern in a Judge’s chambers.

As a young student, I knew I had an interest in law and decided to join Mock Trial (not fully knowing what to expect). Immediately, I was exposed to a whole new world of law and opportunities. As the years went on, I developed an even bigger interest, devoting even more of my time to this subject. I started to learn several objections and rule numbers for the cases and became excited about the knowledge I was gaining. For me, Mock Trial is an activity that I always look forward to joining each fall.

This current year, as a junior Mock Trial captain, I have significant responsibility in the team’s strategy and performance. Leading other students has become a consistent thing for me, and seeing the excitement they share on the same topic always makes it better. Mock Trial is something that I am passionate about.

This past summer, I also had the fortunate opportunity to showcase my leadership skills as an extern in the chambers of The Honorable Judge, Mark Kappelhoff over the summer. My extern opportunity derived from a speech, cultivated by the BSM Speech Team coaches. I was asked to perform my speech at a Hennepin County Bar Association panel discussion, and I landed the externship.

Each week within the Juvenile Justice Center, I observed the cases of Judge Kappelhoff’s that were scheduled for the day. Seeing the juvenile justice system in practice, confirmed that this is a field I want to pursue. In addition to having intellectual discussions with Judge Kappelhoff’s and his law clerks, I also had the opportunity to meet several attorneys and other Judges. Overall, this exposure provided me with a developed understanding for what goes on in the court of juvenile law. From the terminology to the rulings, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of it all, and I’m glad to have this wonderful opportunity.

In closing, my experience on the speech team and being a junior captain for the Mock Trial team have been amazing. The BSM coaches, captains and I have great plans for the team. We are excited to begin competition this January and look forward to an exciting season/year. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to extern in Honorable Judge Kappelhoff’s chambers over Christmas break and again soon during spring break. The knowledge I’ve gained thus far has been insurmountable and I know that with my continued hard work, involvement and dedication I will continue to develop in the wonderful world of law and as a BSM Red Knight.