BSM Blog: My BSM Journey - Why I’ve Never Looked Back.

BSM Blog: My BSM Journey - Why I’ve Never Looked Back.

As I walk the halls of BSM with prospective families, I can’t help but be reminded of my own journey to BSM. It started back when I was in junior high. I grew up in Minnetonka and was attending public school. New neighbors moved in next door and I quickly became fast friends with the Hickey family and future BSM alums Bill (’77), Bob (’80) and Tom (’83). While my friends mainly revolved around the Minnetonka area, I found that their friends were from all over the western suburbs. This was my first indication of the reach the BSM community has.

Fast forward several years and my wife Mary and I were considering school options for our son Patrick and daughter Claudia. Though a product of public schools, Mary and I knew that we wanted something smaller and more intentional for Patrick and Claudia. Living in St. Louis Park, we chose Most Holy Trinity which at the time was a small parish with a K-6 school. It was a wonderful time and we saw the benefit of being in a school where they were nurtured and known.

Since MHT ended at 6th grade, we knew a decision had to be made for junior high. My friendship with Bob Hickey flourished and when Patrick was born, we asked him to be his godfather. Patrick idolized Bob and when he found out that Bob went to BSM, in Patrick’s eyes, the decision was obvious. This was reinforced for him when we came to our first Open House when he was in 5th grade. We were walking the halls and had to stop at the class of 1980 composite to look at Bob’s photo. Patrick pointed and gave a knowing nod that if BSM was good enough for Bob, it was certainly good enough for him.

After much thought, and frank discussions about what an investment in a BSM education would mean, Mary and I were on board as well and have never looked back. Patrick graduated with the class of 2012 and Claudia followed two years later in the class of 2014.

As I think about this, I realize that we all have different paths that bring us to BSM. It’s that unique experience and perspective that makes our community so strong. We all come looking for a school that will prepare our sons and daughters for success in school and in life. From personal experience, I have found this to absolutely be the case. I always tell prospective parents (and students) that the journey doesn’t end in the halls at BSM. In many ways, it is often just the beginning.

For families interested in letting us walk with you on this journey, a terrific opportunity to learn more is taking place at our next evening Open House, Monday, January 7. You can learn more, and RSVP, by visiting the BSM Admissions webpage here.