BSM Blog: Link Crew Lessons in Respect, Courage & Kindness

BSM Blog: Link Crew Lessons in Respect, Courage & Kindness

I have experienced and been a part of a plethora of amazing activities, clubs and sports at Benilde-St. Margaret’s, one of the most influential clubs being Link Crew. Link Crew is a program offered to students once they reach their junior year of high school. The program helps incoming freshmen adjust from junior high to high school and assists incoming transfer students. With the implementation of the club at BSM, the Advisers have received very positive reviews each year and have found that it is extremely important for our school to have.

Our goal is to make students feel more comfortable during the transition, as we know it can be a bit intimidating at times. The crew spends many hours during the spring and summer preparing for the arrival of the new students. During our training days, we focus on learning games, and activities created for us to bond with our students. The games — however cheesy they may seem — have some very meaningful lessons that go along with them that help introduce students to the wonders of high school and BSM. Though orientation day is easily the most important day for the Link Crew leaders, our volunteering spans much more than just one day.

Throughout the year, we host homeroom meetings for the freshmen and class retreats for all grade levels. We meet once a month in our assigned freshmen homerooms to celebrate birthdays, catch up with the freshmen and overall just continue to bond with them. Each year, every grade level goes on a day long retreat. With hosts such as Youth Frontiers and Link Crew leaders, the retreat is designed specifically to teach the students about key life lessons, some of which being: respect, courage and kindness.

Link Crew has been one of the most rewarding clubs I have been a part of at BSM, and I’m not the only one who has had this kind of experience with it, “Link Crew is a great experience for everyone involved. As a freshman, you feel welcomed - like you belong in a community, and as a Link Crew Leader you are able to grow closer with peers and new members of the BSM community. It’s definitely a win-win,” senior Link Crew leader Cheyanne Carter said. Students reap the benefits of having people to look up to, ask for help, and follow as role models. The leaders get the satisfaction of knowing that they’re making a difference in the students’ lives.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the club is offered to juniors and seniors in high school. Around springtime, the application for Link Crew will be sent to students and they will be able to fill it out. The process is designed so that the advisers can get to know each applicant and see if they would be a good fit for the program. Last year’s application consisted of a few questions to answer along with a short 2-minute video that was assigned for us to explain why we wanted to be a part of Link Crew. This club has been one of the most amazing and impactful experiences I’ve ever had, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys helping students and making a lasting mark on their lives.