BSM Blog: The Gift of Each Individual

BSM Blog: The Gift of Each Individual

Reflecting on our eight years at BSM, we realize there is not one defining moment that sums up our family’s experience here, but rather a compilation of wonderful small everyday moments and interactions within the BSM community.

First, there are the academics. Every fall and spring at conferences, we have been thankful to experience how well the teachers know our children. We appreciate the wide range of rigorous classes and engaging electives offered at BSM, giving students the opportunity to cultivate their interests. BSM is truly committed to preparing students for the future and this is clearly evident in how the staff and the counselors work with students and families throughout the college application process. Our kids have been encouraged and challenged to realize their full potential, and this has prepared them well for college and beyond.

Next, there is being part of a community where there is a profound sense of gratitude in the hearts of each individual in this community. This is something you experience from the first greeting you receive at BSM’s front office. You can observe it in the hallways filled with students and as you walk by the classrooms. You can feel it at all school events and even in the Commons during lunch. There are so many opportunities for students and parents to get involved in BSM activities outside the classroom. For students, there are many choices of clubs, athletics and leadership opportunities. For parents, there are many opportunities including the Parent Association events. We have wonderful memories of the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son events over the years and have enjoyed volunteering for a variety of events. Attending Prayer and Share and Just for Parents presentations have offered a special connection with BSM parents. Our family appreciates that we are part of the BSM Red Knight community and know that this is much larger than just one class or the current student body. We witnessed this at the wonderful Seniors/Alumni Breakfast this month where more than 90 alumni joined the seniors for breakfast.

Last, the faith foundation at BSM is ingrained in all areas of the school. We have appreciated the focus on service and have witnessed the positive impact this has had on our kids.  A few examples have included the Red Knight Volunteer Corps service work opportunities and their Discipleship class, where they experienced the joy and importance of caring for others. The annual scripture theme and beautiful all school masses celebrate the Catholic faith. The Theology classes over the years have encouraged thoughtful discussion and spiritual growth. This foundation of faith lifts up the BSM community through the inevitable challenges in life and celebrates the gifts each individual brings to the community.

Mother Theresa said, “We can do small things with great love.” No gift to the BSM Annual Fund is too small.  Each and every gift makes a difference and will help ensure the continued success of our wonderful community. Please consider joining us in making a gift to the BSM Annual Fund on May 16. Let us all “Be the Light” for BSM, today and  in the future!

Thank you BSM!

Save the date for BSM’s Day of Giving, Thursday, May 16, a 24-hour giving campaign that supports every aspect of the BSM experience. You can choose to be part of the community on this special day by making a gift. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference! #BeTheLight

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