Behind the Shield Blog, President's Edition: Planning to Thrive

Behind the Shield Blog, President's Edition: Planning to Thrive

Change is a requirement in any school that is serious about their mission in an ever-changing world. Our history at Benilde-St. Margaret’s reinforces that very notion. It is seen in the birth of St. Margaret’s Academy and Benilde High School to the formation of Benilde-St. Margaret’s. It is apparent in the adoption of college credit opportunities and the investment in educational technologies. Change has been embraced in our facilities’ modernization projects and in our investment in co-curriculars.

Change is critical to the long-term success of any organization, and the successes of these changes at our school has required thoughtful, disciplined, engaging, strategic planning while remaining grounded in our identity created by the Sisters and Brothers. 

In August of 2018, we officially launched our next strategic planning process designed to continue the evolution of our school. The new strategic plan will guide us through the next five years and beyond at Benilde-St. Margaret’s.

The first three months of the planning process were dedicated to an assessment of BSM and the regional education marketplace. Broad engagement was a primary intention that led us to students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, parishes, prospective parents and other community members. Those stakeholders participated in a variety of experiences including interviews, focus groups, workshops and surveys. Thank you to those who have participated in some form or another. A vast amount of information was collected to guide the directional work of our planning process. 

The remainder of the fall has focused on defining our path into the future to ensure that Benilde-St. Margaret’s thrives in line with its Catholic school mission. At this point in the planning process, there are four key concepts that are emerging:

  1. Exceptional academic programs;
  2. Catholic values shaping student lives;
  3. Ensuring financial sustainability;
  4. Community of belonging.

Each intention is deeply rooted in our religious heritage yet pushes onward to serve our students and alumni.

The next phase this winter will include an examination of strategies that will make the true difference in the pursuit of our goals. Included at this point, implementation and progress monitoring become a natural part of the dialogue. Our goal is to formally adopt our new strategic plan in the spring that moves Benilde-St. Margaret’s boldly forward ensuring we provide a remarkably relevant experience for our students and alumni. Change is a requirement and BSM is planning to thrive.  

Adam Ehrmantraut, EdD