Behind the Shield Blog, President’s Edition: Our Lenten Journey

Behind the Shield Blog, President’s Edition: Our Lenten Journey

In the spirit of the Lenten season, I recently began to reflect on the ways our school experiences Lent and prepares for the joy of Easter.

On Friday mornings during Lent this year, I have had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate Mass in our chapel with other members of our Red Knight community - students, faculty, staff, parents and friends. Priests from our local parishes have been the celebrants allowing us to welcome our friends as part of the broader Catholic community on these Friday mornings.

Two very special masses, Ash Wednesday and Easter, bring together the entire student body along with faculty and staff to pray. These are certainly community events as many parents, alumni and friends join in the celebrations, creating a real strength to our faith community. Those in attendance at the Ash Wednesday service were marked with ashes of the community's burned Lenten resolutions. The burned resolutions were used as a symbol of support we give to each other in faith and in growth to be the people God created us to be. These masses provide opportunities for each of us to deepen our faith in a special way based in the spirit of this Lenten season.    

Additionally, a large group of our students led a retreat at St. Hubert’s School in Chanhassen on Ash Wednesday. It was a day focused on prayer and reflection where students of all ages engaged the theme “Jesus. Others. Yourself.” Our students are wholeheartedly invested in making an impact in their community and this was a wonderful example. They entered into a relational experience learning together to embrace the teachings of Jesus.

In addition to formal gatherings, our community has many opportunities during the season of Lent to focus on the interiority of our Catholic faith. The words of St. John Baptist de la Salle, the patron saint of teachers and the founder of Lasallian schools, “learn from Jesus by often being in his company” guide us in our reflective practices. Often, I see Red Knights in deep reflection and prayer during eucharistic adoration, reconciliation, or morning prayer. The spirit is being tended to. 

In fact, today we welcomed 14 priests from neighboring parishes who were with us throughout the day in the theater for the individual reception of the sacrament. In keeping with this year’s scripture theme, this special Lenten Reconciliation day at BSM is a wonderful opportunity for our students, faculty and staff to “Repent and let your light shine!” This is another one of the many wonderful ways we as a community prepare for the celebration of Easter.

Over the past four weeks, the power of the Lenten season at Benilde-St. Margaret’s has come sharply into focus and continues to as it leads us to the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.