All students are required to take one semester of Art. Eighth graders must choose one of the offerings.

Art for 7th Graders
Art 7

One semester course, meets every other day, required of 7th graders.

Seventh grade art is a course designed to introduce and increase the knowledge of the elements and principles of art while giving the students opportunities to try multiple types of media. Students will learn fine arts skills through painting, printmaking, drawing, and sculpture. Lessons are well integrated with contemporary and more traditional art forms so that students will understand and appreciate the influences of art from many genres and cultures.

Art for 8th Graders
The Art of Craft

One semester course, meets every other day, open to 8th graders.

Humans have been compelled to make things beautiful for thousands of years. While function is always important, the art of craft and form pushes the maker to incorporate design and beauty into their useable or wearable objects. Students will explore the many different ways humans make functional objects more beautiful through craft. The techniques we will include but are not limited to ceramics, textiles, book/papermaking, stained glass, and wood carving.

Design-Engineer-Innovate 8

One semester course, meets every other day, open to 8th graders.

By using Design Thinking strategies, students will create solutions for several challenges throughout the semester. Students will create prototypes (using multiple types of materials, CAD programs, and tools), test these ideas improving with each iteration. DEI (Design-Engineer-Innovate) will also highlight the collaboration of engineering and artistic practices by creating solutions that exhibit an understanding of constraints, optimization, functionality, and beauty. Take advantage of the opportunity to develop the Designer, the Engineer, and the Innovator in you with this class.

Drawing + Design

One semester course, meets every other day, open to 8th graders.

Capturing the world around you on a piece of paper or with a paintbrush seems like such a hard skill to master! This class will show you the techniques artists use to draw, paint, and illustrate realistically. We will explore skills that will improve students’ abilities to create artwork based on what they see in front of them. Students will try their hand at portraits, figure drawing, still life, and landscapes. All work will be two-dimensional.