Thanksgiving Traditions are Plentiful Among Red Knights

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Thanksgiving Traditions are Plentiful Among Red Knights

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Red Knights have various special traditions that they practice. From watching football to making signature dishes, these Red Knights look forward to these traditions year after year.

Tenekay Johnson Jr. ‘22

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“My favorite part of Thanksgiving is waking up early to make my great grandma’s recipe for homemade biscuits with my mom” 

Molly Giertsen ‘25 and Peter Giertsen ‘23

“One special food that we always have at Thanksgiving is deviled eggs. They’re my grandma's secret recipe that no one else knows how to make, and we always have them sitting out, and they’re my favorite part of my meal.”- Molly Giertsen

Mr. Groess, BSM Faculty Member

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“My favorite Thanksgiving food is a cheesy, bacon, wild rice soup my family always makes. It is a staple at the holidays and honestly the majority of what I eat during Thanksgiving. I have 2-3 bowls of it, and it is so filling that I usually don't have any of the more traditional Thanksgiving food until I am eating them as leftovers. My mom got the recipe from coworkers before I was born and has been making it ever since. It has become so popular in our family that she makes three different crockpots worth of it so that my aunts, uncles, and cousins can all take some home.”

Amelia Beutz ‘23 

“Our family is a little non-traditional; we serve ham at Thanksgiving, and it’s my favorite part of my meal” 

Wishing all our Red Knights a happy Thanksgiving full of gratitude!