Red Knights Remark on Thanksgiving Traditions

Red Knights Remark on Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Here’s a look into some of our BSM Red Knights’ Thanksgiving traditions, favorite memories, and plans for the holiday break. Happy Turkey Day!

Taylor Williams (‘21)

“When I was little, I’d always go to my grandparents’ house, and I’d always go early. My grandma would pick me up so I could help her make the apple pie. It was always a really good memory and something I looked forward to every year because it was a really fun time to just bond with my grandma alone.”






Pedro Ochoa (‘20)

“My family’s Thanksgiving tradition is making a drink called ponche which is super hot and fruity. This is a tradition my parents have kept from Guatemala. They like cooking dishes from our home country during the holidays.” 




Mary Seppala (BSM Faculty Member)

“We are hosting Thanksgiving this year, so we are having my side of the family and my husband’s side of the family all over. We’ll make the traditional turkey dinner. There will be a lot of games involved. We are a big game playing family. My kids know how to play a lot of games, so they can play with the adults. Sometimes they even win against all the adults. We also have a tradition of watching Christmas Vacation which comes from my husband’s side of the family. “





Diego Adair (‘23)

“I compete in many ski races with my team for pre-season training, which I’ve done for the past four years. It’s always really fun. My family comes with me, and the whole team and their families will all have Thanksgiving together. It’s a really fun way to spend the holiday.”







Liv Parish (‘20), Sophia Parish (‘24), Amelia Stoebe (‘24), Gemma Parish (‘22)

“Every year on Thanksgiving, all my sister and cousins gather in the basement blasting old Taylor Swift songs and Christmas music. Each year we make up our own dances and perform them to our parents and grandparents after we have all eaten. As our parents clean up, they make all of us kids go outside and run a couple of laps around the block just to get some of our energy out.” -Liv Parish


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Red Knights!