Red Knights Participate in New Sustainability Club

Red Knights Participate in New Sustainability Club

Red Knights are always looking for ways to make a meaningful difference. At BSM, students have an opportunity to change the world through participation in a variety of programs such as the Red Knight Volunteer Corps and the Faith-in-Action religion class. Now, students can also give back by joining the brand-new sustainability club.

Led by Choir Teacher Mr. Ryan Werdon, the sustainability club is dedicated to raising awareness around issues affecting the environment. The group exists to inspire others to take small steps that will make a big difference in the fight against climate change.

One of the goals of the club is to promote the use of the search engine Ecosia, a browser extension that uses revenue generated from ads to fund tree-planting around the world -- especially in areas experiencing the worst effects of climate change. The BSM community is encouraged to join their efforts by watching a student-made video about the initiative and following the BSM-specific-link to download the web extension. 

The club also hopes to increase participation in BSM’s recycling program through an internal awareness campaign. Other initiatives will be pursued as the club gains traction. 

Thank you, Red Knights, for your dedication to this important issue. Your work reminds all of us to do our part and that small actions can often result in meaningful and lasting change!