Red Knights Impress at First RED Expo Event

Red Knights Impress at First RED Expo Event

The Cube saw its first open, in-person event May 19, 2021 as it filled with Red Knights presenting a broad range of year-end projects for the first-ever RED Expo.

The expo, which was designed to feature projects of students in BSM’s Research, Entrepreneurship, and Design (RED) Department, was a chance for students to show off the impressive work they’ve done to solve real-world problems with creativity and collaboration. BSM teacher Anne Dougherty organized the event as a way to let the successes of the students shine.

Those who attended couldn’t help but leave impressed and inspired by the trajectory on which these Red Knights are headed. The RoboCup Team, Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam, AP Research students, Red Knights for Social Justice, Engineering classes, Knight Errant, and RED Capstone students all had booths so as to share with BSM community members their progress on their initiatives this year. From studying the effects of vaping on mice pups, to building a fully functioning Rocker-Bogie robot, to publishing a book of poetry, hearing about the achievements of these curious students made for a fantastic evening.

What a great celebration of these outstanding Red Knights!

View the full Facebook photo album here for a look into individual projects, or read more about the event in this student Knight Errant article.