Red Knights Honor Black History Month

Red Knights Honor Black History Month

The month of February is Black History Month, a time of reflection, a tribute to those who have overcome suffering and injustice, and praise for a powerful and sustaining God. BSM has several activities planned to engage the community in courageous conversations about race in America and to open up the dialogue about the history of African Americans. As we celebrate this month, we continue our ongoing work to fully integrate all of our histories into our curriculum to create a full sense of inclusion for all of our students.


Elec Simon and Friends:

To kick off Black History Month, Elec Simon and Friends performed on January 30 at an all school assembly to share a message about respect, building up one another, and the common bond we share as human beings.



Teacher Testimonies:

BSM Faculty members, Mrs. Nancy Stockhaus and Mr. Matt McMerty-Brummer shared personal stories with students on February 5.  Mrs. Stockhaus talked about her own identity and the importance of empathy with our 7th graders, and Spanish Teacher Mr. Matt McMerty-Brummer talked with students about his family’s journey from Honduras to Minnesota.


Deacon Doug: 

Deacon Doug will be returning to BSM to co-preside with Fr. Tim Wozniak at the all-school prayer service on February 11. Deacon Doug joins us from Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in Birmingham, AL.

Deacon Doug was with us last February, co-presiding with Mr. Mike Jeremiah at a prayer service and spending time with groups of kids. Additionally, Dan Sylvester and Sam Vetch’s American Experience (AE) classes had the pleasure of meeting Deacon Doug in January 2020 when they attended a Saturday Vigil at his church on their annual Civil Rights trip. After the service, Deacon Doug approached them and shared stories of a friend killed in Vietnam whose burial request led to the integration of what once was a segregated cemetery, his participation in the Children's March, and of the history of his church. After a few years of visiting his church, BSM extended the invite for Deacon Doug to come to visit BSM.


Film and Discussion:

Senior high students will have the opportunity to spend their wellness period watching the movie "Harriet" on February 12 and 13. Based on the thrilling and inspirational life of an iconic American freedom fighter, "Harriet" tells the extraordinary tale of Harriet Tubman's escape from slavery and transformation into one of America's greatest heroes. Her courage, ingenuity, and tenacity freed hundreds of slaves and changed the course of history.


Art Projects:

Past and current Art + Design students collaboratively created murals of influential people of color upholding the Catholic social teachings throughout history.  As you walk the halls around the chapel, you will see these beautiful murals.


A.I.M Performance:

On February 27, a group of students will attend a performance by Kyle Abraham’s company A.I.M which expertly incorporates his hip-hop, visual arts, and classical music backgrounds to explore issues of personal identity, race, and social justice.