Red Knights Celebrate Christmas

Red Knights Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is almost here, which is a very special time for the BSM community! Take a look at some of the traditions, plans for break, and excitement for the season within the Red Knight community.


Brook Wenande ‘23: I’m going to my family bowling alley in Lakeville, which we go to every year. The whole extended family goes to the bowling alley on Christmas Eve. 

Paul Canavati, BSM Faculty Member: I’m going to St. Stephen, which is a town of only 800 people, to visit my fiancé’s family on Christmas Eve, and then we will leave on Christmas night, and I will go visit my family in Indiana. 

Ben Dietzen ‘24 and Elizabeth Dietzen ‘22: Our family goes to a little tree farm in southern Minnesota every year the Friday after Thanksgiving, and it always has the worst trees so it’s become a kind of running joke. Afterwards, we go to Little Oscars, which is nearby, to have lunch. On Christmas morning, my mom makes us a special breakfast, which we always enjoy.

Flint Frohman ‘22: I’m going to my grandma’s house, which I go to every year, and we always have a Christmas breakfast with Polish sausage. 

Enjoy your Christmas and holiday break with family and friends, Red Knights!