Red Knight Faculty Members Rescue Great Horned Owl from BSM Soccer Net

Red Knight Faculty Members Rescue Great Horned Owl from BSM Soccer Net

It has been one wild week at Benilde-St. Margaret’s School for three BSM faculty members, and one Great Horned Owl.

It all began the morning of Wednesday, August 21, when Will Ola in BSM’s facilities department came across a Great Horned Owl trapped in a BSM soccer net.  

Will worked with the front desk staff to get in contact with BSM Science Teacher Mr. John Porisch who launched into action with the help of  Phy. Ed. Instructor Mr. Casey Hanson.

Mr. Porisch's background in Ecology and Mr. Hanson's knowledge and daily expertise handling BSM netting allowed them to quickly assess the situation. Knowing Great Horned Owls have lazer sharp claws, the two teachers wore thick gloves as they began to gently untangle the bird.

Shortly after, they were able to safely and successfully rescue their new owl friend. Mr. Porisch, Mr. Hanson and Will then set the Great Horned Owl free, stating that the bird flew away unharmed to a nearby wilderness area.

Later that day, this heroic story gained the attention of hundreds of social media followers as well as the local media.

We’ve included a list of news stories below which recap the Red Knight Rescue Mission that saved the life of a Great Horned Owl!

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