New “Cube” Innovative Learning Center Opens at BSM

New “Cube” Innovative Learning Center Opens at BSM

“In mathematics, when you cube something you change it, you multiple it, you magnify it. And that's exactly what will happen in this space - ideas will grow exponentially. Students will grow exponentially.” - Dr. Steve Pohlen, director of learning and technology 

As part of a holistic approach to education, BSM strives to bring exceptional real world experiences to students through hands-on courses such as Engineering, BioMed, Journalism, and Faith in Action; and through programs like internships, job shadows, and professional events. 

To support this type of learning, BSM set out more than a year ago to construct a new space specifically designed to foster the skills needed to succeed in our fast-changing world. The result is the “Cube,” a new space conveniently located in the heart of BSM, that was built to inspire curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. The Cube features three state-of-the-art conference rooms, an open area with a variety of collaborative spaces, numerous whiteboards, and cutting edge technology. Two new classrooms were also constructed as part of the project.

Officially open to students as of Monday, Dec. 14, the Cube will allow students to engage their passions and take ownership of their studies.

“Tomorrow’s leaders need skills to create connections, anticipate outcomes, and think creatively about the possibilities ahead,” said President Dr. Adam Ehrmantraut. “This space will allow our students to build those skills and take their learning to the next level.”

“Curiosity, creativity, and collaboration are essential to true innovation,” said Anne Doughtery, engineering teacher and director of RED program. “Advancement happens when students are empowered to ask their own questions and research the possibilities.The Cube will ensure students are able to reach their full potential and bring their most creative ideas to fruition.” 

Construction of the Cube and new classrooms was part of the final phase of BSM’s $8 million Imagine. Innovate. Inspire. capital campaign that began five years ago. The campaign also funded three state-of-the-art science classrooms and the new atrium space that opened in January 2019.

Thank you to everyone who supported the campaign, and for all you do to encourage Red Knights' curiosity, creativity, and collaboration.