National Spanish Exam Medalists

National Spanish Exam Medalists

Congratulations to our Red Knight National Spanish Exam Medalists!

The National Spanish Exam results are in! This year, 129 students in grades 7-12 in Spanish levels 1-AP Literature took part on in the NSE on Monday, March 19. Out of the 123 students nominated to take the NSE, BSM had 61 students earn national awards, representing 50% of those that took the test. This year, we had 8 score at the GOLD level, which is double last year's number! Congratulations to all award winners! 

Honor (Honorable Mention) - 31

Bronce (Bronze) - 12

Plata (Silver) - 10

Oro (Gold) - 8

Alicia Fripp 10

Theo Pohlen 9

Oriana Sampson 9

Anna Pohlen 11

Kathryn Haertzen 8

Thomas Herbert 8

Emily Zagaros 8

Ryan Kraemer 9