Knight Errant Wins Multiple Awards

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Knight Errant Wins Multiple Awards

Awarded at the Minnesota High School Press Association Convention

The BSM Knight Errant students attended the Minnesota High School Press Association Convention on Tuesday, October 10. There the student run news outlet was awarded 12 individual awards and 7 publication awards. KE was also recognized nationally being one of three schools in Minnesota to be a CSPA Crown Finalist in the Hybrid News division for their work during the 2016-2017 school year. This award looks at the Knight Errant as one publication - pulling in the print, online and magazine together as one entry. In March, they will anounce Gold or Silver Crown categories, but to be selected reflects the work that our students put into producing a quality publication. 

Individual Awards:

  • 2017 MHSPA Newspaper Center Spread Design - 2nd Place - Andrew Cadle
  • 2017 MHSPA Broadcast Feature Story - 3rd Place - Leo Linder
  • 2017 MHSPA Newspaper News Story - 3rd Place - Grace Gyolai, Leo Driessen
  • 2017 MHSPA Online Multimedia Package - 3rd Place - Staff
  • 2017 MHSPA Newsmagazine Feature Photo - 4th Place - Ashley Ortizcazarin
  • 2017 MHSPA Broadcast News Story - 2nd Place - Connor Lawler
  • 2017 MHSPA Broadcast Feature Story - 2nd Place - Brad Shibley, Lauren Chevalier
  • 2017 MHSPA Newsmagazine Page One Design - 3rd Place - John Landry
  • 2017 MHSPA Newspaper Sports Story - 1st Place - Will Whitmore
  • 2017 MHSPA Online Multimedia Package - 1st Place - Tommy McGinn, Joey Simpson, John Landry
  • 2017 MHSPA Newspaper Editorial/Opinion - 3rd Place - Nathanael Aston-Piper
  • 2017 MHSPA Newspaper Review - 2nd Place - Nathanael Aston-Piper

Publication Awards:

  • All-State Gold KEQ 2017
  • All-State Gold Print Edition 2017
  • All-State Gold Online Edition 2017
  • MHSPA Feature Magazine Best of Show 2017 - 3rd Place
  • MHSPA Newspaper Best of Show 2017 - 6th Place
  • MHSPA Publication Website Best of Show 2017 - 3rd Place
  • MHSPA Gold Medallion Website General Excellence 2017 - 1st Place

In addition to our current student individual awardees, two alum were recognized nationally for their individual work last year:

  • 2017 CSPA Gold Circle 3rd Place Certificate - Personal Opinion: Off-Campus Issues - Andrew Torrance
  • 2017 CSPA Gold Circle Certificate of Merit - First Person Experience - Nathanael Ashton-Piper

This year, these awards attracted 7,093 print news and magazines entries, and judges only recognized up to 6 stories in each category. 

Congratualtions Red Knights #BSMProud!

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