Girls' Swim & Dive Team Succeeds at State!

Girls' Swim & Dive Team Succeeds at State!

A huge congrats to our BSM girls’ swim and dive team who took home state titles in multiple events and broke several school records at the state meet last weekend.

Taylor Williams, a BSM sophomore, was named State Champion and set new school records in the 100 and 200 freestyle. She was also named Automatic All American in the 200 and an All American consideration in the 100. We'd also like to congratulate the 200 freestyle relay team, Lauren Benedict, Malinda Beason, Sydney Holinka, and Taylor Williams, on beating yet another BSM school record.

See below for a full list of results. Congrats to all of our amazing swimmers on a fantastic season!


State Swim and Dive Meet Results:

200 freestyle: Taylor Williams 1:48.58 State Champion and Sydney Holinka 1:57.00 13th place

50 freestyle: Lauren Benedict 24.64 13th place

100 butterfly: Lauren Benedict 59.36 11th place

100 freestyle: Taylor Williams 50.44 State Champion

200 freestyle relay: Lauren Benedict, Malinda Beason, Sydney Holinka, Taylor Williams 1:38.25 5th place

100 back stroke: Sydney Holinka 59.34 10th place

400 freestyle relay: Lauren Benedict, Malinda Beason, Sydney Holinka 3:35.42 5th place

Sections Results:

Our wonderful BSM girls’ swim and dive team took home the 2nd place trophy in sections! State qualifying races include the 200-medley relay placing fourth, 200-freestyle relay and the 400-freestyle placing second. Individuals who qualified for state include, Taylor Williams placing first in the 200-free and 100-free, breaking the section 2A meet record in both, and the pool record in the 100-free race. Her teammate, Sydney Holinka also qualified for state in the 200-free race placing fourth and second place in the 100-back. Lauren Benedict is headed to state, placing second in the 50-free race and fifth in the 100-butterfly. Williams was also named the Section 2A Swimmer of The Year! 

Race details include:

200 Medley Relay: 4th place 1:56.96 Malinda Beason '19 (back), Elle Dickey ’19 (breast), Amelia Backes ’19 (fly), Quinn Elsenbast ’20 free

200 Freestyle: 1st place 1:52.55 Taylor Williams ’21 new section 2A meet record qualifying for state meet,  4th place 1:56.96 Sydney Holinka ’22 qualifying for state meet, 7th place 2:02.34 Abby Sohm ’20, 10th place 2:07.17 Claire Prindeville

200 IM: 6th place 2:18.93 Elle Dickey ’20, 8th place 2:21.38 Quinn Elsenbast ’20, 12th place 2:26.40 Grace Ritten ’21, 13th place 2:30.57 Grace Pluimer ’24

50 Freestyle: 2nd place 25:07 Lauren Benedict ’23 qualifying for state meet, 15th place 27.07 Melanie Chang ’21, 16th place 28.06 Adeline Kelly ’22

100 Butterfly: 5th place 59.79 Lauren Benedict ’23 qualifying for state meet, 7th place 1:04.35 Laura Jennings ’20, 9th place 1:06.70 Amelia Backer ’19, 10th place 1:06.80 Grace Pluimer ’24

100 Freestyle: 1st place 50.62 section meet record, pool record, All- American Consideration, qualifying for state meet Taylor William ’21, 4th place 55.80 Malinda Beason ’19, 6th place 56.55 Abby Sohm ’19

500 Freestyle: 5th place 5:33.11 Laura Jennings ‘20, 6th place 5:36.93 Claire Princeville ’23, 10th place 5:43.73 Adeline Kelly ’22

200 Freestyle Relay: 2nd place 1:38.95 qualifying for state meet. Including, Lauren Benedict ’23, Elle Dickey ’19, Sydney Holinka ’22 and Taylor Williams’21

100 Backstroke: 2nd place 59.40 Sydney Holinka ’22 qualifying for state, 5th place 1:10.67 Malinda Beason ’19, 10th place 1:06.30 Grace Ritten ’21, 13th place 1:09.76 Bridget Baker ’20

100 Breaststroke: 6th place 1:11.90 Elle Dickey ’19, 7th place 1:14.34 Quinn Elsenbast ’20, 13th place 1:15.24 Melanie Chang ’21, 14th place 1:16.79 Ellie Krusemark ’23

400 Freestyle Relay: 2nd place 3:34.62 qualifying for state meet, new BSM team record. Including, Lauren Benedict ’23, Malinda Beason ’19, Sydney Holinka ’22 and Taylor Williams ’21

Way to go ladies! #BSMProud