FOX 9 Features BSM Drone Team at Drone Sports Championships

BSM students on the drone racing team

FOX 9 Features BSM Drone Team at Drone Sports Championships

FOX 9 recently featured the Benilde-St. Margaret’s Drone Team who competed at the Youth Drone Sports Championships on Saturday, March 8 hosted at BSM. The competition featured 12 total junior high & high school drone racing teams.

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Three BSM drone racing teams competed in the competition, the most of any other school in the state. Additionally, BSM is home to the only all-girls' drone racing team in the league! This marks the first year we've had a drone racing club at BSM, and the interest among students has been incredible.

In light of the competition, BSM's Great Hall was transformed into an indoor drone racing course, complete with light up obstacles, race gates, leader board and live streams of the drone video feeds. 

During the competition, students raced elaborate indoor courses with safe, one-ounce “Tiny Whoop” drones that fit in the palm of your hand. Each student built their own drones and learned to fly them via “first-person-view” (FPV) goggles that create the sensation of piloting from the cockpit of a Lego spaceship.  

At BSM, we're continuously looking at ways to bring real world experience into the "right now" for students. Uncovering ways to bring drones into our pioneering engineering department is one of the fresh and exciting ways we're looking to make new connections. We're also hoping to create a path for all drone students to get licensed as legal pilots in the future.