Caring Youth Recognition

Caring Youth Recognition

Celiena Davis ('18), Sydney Dickson ('22), Rachel Scoggins ('19) and Leif Anderson ('18), were recognized at the Caring Youth Recognition event on April 10, 2018. The purpose of the event is to “encourage and reward both a day-to-day lifestyle of caring concern for others and unselfish volunteerism.” 

Celiena Davis - Work in Surrounding Communities: 

"Celiena is a young woman with a strong faith and strong convictions. She, along with another BSM student began an all girls' Bible Study at school, recognizing that girls can empower girls and share amazing stories of faith. Celiena along with her father have engaged in the 'sandwich ministry,' delivering sandwiches tot he homeless community in the metro area. She makes BSM a better place from her commitment to her faith and her willingness to listen to the stories of others."

Sydney Dickson - Work in Surrounding Communities:

"Sydney is a wonderful youth within our junior high who constantly brings humor, happiness and positivity to all that she does. She is a Red Knight Volunteer Corps member who works to complete service outside of her school requirements. Additionally, this past summer, Sydney volunteered for 6 days on our girls' leadership mission trip where she stood out as a leader among her peers who worked hard in service and always showed compassion."

Rachel Scoggins - Work with Perspectives: 

"Rachel is an outstanding young woman and role model. She is engaged, dedicated and authentic. She works exceptionally hard and is not afraid to get her hands dirty. I believe Rachel provides a tangible (and relevant) example of what it feels like/looks like to care and to put that caring into action. She has an excellent sense of humor, is very humble but is also strong enough to let others know exactly where she stands."  

Leif Anderson - Work with Perspectives:  

"He is  hardworking, positive presence and maintians his sense of humor throughout...Leif continues to develop as a leader among his peers. He is able to adjust to our ever-changing environment and continually rolls with the punches during times of high stress. He is also more than happy to chase the students around the playground when there's steam to blow off, but he always comes back all-business and ready to roll."

Way to go Red Knights #BSMProud!