BSM Students Establish New Sports Mentorship Program

BSM Students Establish New Sports Mentorship Program

As the 2021-22 school year gets underway, an exciting new program launches into its first season.

Last spring, a team of Red Knights announced a new sports mentorship program at BSM that will give senior high students the opportunity to help coach and manage junior high sports teams. The program consists of high school student coaches who have a genuine interest in helping young athletes adopt exemplary values and skills necessary to find success in athletics and beyond. 

Partnering with both National Honor Society (NHS) and Red Knight Volunteer Corps (RKVC), this program presents high school students with a unique opportunity to take on roles that combine leadership, service, and athletics. These roles will teach senior high mentors valuable life skills and ideals while simultaneously ensuring junior high athletes develop their talents and build valuable, lasting relationships both with other athletes and mentors. 

Passion for teaching and helping others is at the heart of this club and will be instrumental in its success. The president and founder of the BSM Sports Mentorship Program, Joseph Pace ‘22, certainly has that passion.

“My vision for the program is to create a system where students in the high school have the opportunity to gain experience in leadership, acting as role models for the underclassmen and junior high,” Pace says. “I'm most excited about giving other students the opportunity to experience one of the most rewarding experiences I had at BSM while helping others to realize their leadership potential.” As the first student at BSM to take an assistant and head coaching role with the junior high basketball team, Pace wanted to make it a more widely known opportunity to other students who might have an interest in sharing their talents with BSM teams. 


Red Knights Abby Close ‘22, Robert DeMars ‘22, Luke Evans ‘22, Mason Frank ‘22, Ryan Long ‘22, Joey Murnan ‘22, and Emily Zagaros ‘22 will join Pace in launching the program by lending their expertise. While mentors are still being assigned to specific teams, all teams at the junior high and freshman age groups will be available for mentorship placement. 

This new mentorship program is an exceptional way for students in the junior and senior high to come together with one common goal: forging connections while building skills. The relationship-building nature of this club can also make the transition to high school easier for many young athletes. 

Coach Damian Johnson, varsity basketball coach and equity, inclusion, and belonging liaison, is the program supervisor. He checks-in with the student mentors and helps coordinate with other coaches to place student coaches in the best position possible. “I got involved because I had Joe Pace as a student coach for a junior high basketball team last year and saw how beneficial it was as far as coaching development and building relationships between the junior and senior high students. I thought it would be a great way to build a program where we are developing future coaches,” he said about his involvement with the program. 

The club is still accepting members. Students who are interested or have questions should feel free to reach out to Joseph Pace via school email.  

This program looks to be a promising way to foster connection and growth for all involved. Kudos to these forward-thinking students for doing the work to establish this club. What a great way to utilize the unique talents our BSM students possess!