BSM Celebrates Black History Month 2019

BSM Celebrates Black History Month 2019

The month of February is Black History Month - a time of reflection, a tribute to those who have overcome suffering and injustice, and praise for a powerful and sustaining God. BSM has several activities planned to engage the community in courageous conversation about race in America and to open up the dialogue about the history of African Americans. We look forward to sharing these activities with you!

Spoken Word:

The Equity & Inclusion department is hosting a 4-week workshop on spoken word poetry. The optional workshops will be held Wednesdays in February, 3 - 4 p.m. in Room 139 and are open to all senior high students. Through the workshops, students will learn how to express themselves through poetry slams, hip hop, comedy or prose monologues. No experience required!

Deacon Doug:

Deacon Doug will be co-presiding with Fr. Tim Wozniak at the all-school Mass on February 20, 9:20 a.m. Deacon Doug joins us from Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in Birmingham, AL.

Dan Sylvester and Josh Belanger’s American Experience (AE) classes had the pleasure of meeting Deacon Doug in January 2017 when they attended a Saturday Vigil at his church on their annual Civil Rights trip. After the service, Deacon Doug approached them and shared stories of a friend killed in Vietnam whose burial request led to the integration of a segregated cemetery, of his participation in the Children's March and of the history of his church. After a few years of visiting his church, BSM extended the invite for Deacon Doug to come to visit BSM.

During his visit, AE alums of the past three years will have the opportunity to have dinner with Deacon Doug on Tuesday, February 19. Students are anticipating and preparing for his arrival.

Student Showcase:

Throughout the day on February 26, English teachers will bring their classes to the Chapel where students will listen to their peers celebrate our diversity through words and music. The event is a Celebration of Cultures; in tandem with recognizing Black History month, the program will comprise a variety of literature from a wealth of American voices, among them African American, Native American, Asian American and Latino.

Professional Development for Teachers:

In February, teachers are receiving professional development training on strategies to have critical and meaningful conversations in their classrooms. Using the principles endorsed by the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) we strive to challenge students to think critically and analyze thoughtfully while participating in respectful discussions of complex issues.

“Creating on the Margins” Art Competition:

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Catholic Campaign for Human Development is hosting an art competition, with the theme, “A Time to Heal Racism.” To participate, students must:

  • Read the provided background on racism today
  • Reflect on the Mystical Body of Christ
  • Learn about prophetic witnesses against racism and how the Church is responding today
  • Explore the supplemental resources and the “Two Feet of Love in Action.”
  • Write about what you learned
  • Create a work of art and submit
  • Teach and educate others

*Deadline is February 28. You can submit the artwork to Campus Ministry.

Other Celebrations:

Moments of Mindfulness & Prayer - Every morning and afternoon at BSM we have a moment of mindfulness and prayer. Throughout the month of February, BSM will be sharing prayers and readings from influential African American Spirituals; focused around issues of social justice, faith and their contribution to both.

Quotes & Drawings - Student advocates have written inspiring quotes and drawings on our windows of influential black Americans throughout history. As you walk the halls of BSM you will see the beautiful words and artwork.