Behind the Shield: President’s Blog, Looking with Joy to the Year Ahead

Behind the Shield: President’s Blog, Looking with Joy to the Year Ahead

It was a wonderful summer here at BSM, and I find myself filled with joy as I anticipate the incredible opportunities and moments that lie before us in 2021-22. We are poised for an extraordinary, edifying year.

With the overwhelming challenges of 2020 behind us, our team is laser-focused on amplifying the qualities that make Benilde-St. Margaret’s so exceptional: Fostering a community grounded in the values of our Catholic faith, pushing students toward academic excellence, and providing our Red Knights with opportunities to grow in faith and make meaningful contributions in the world. 

Though Minnesota made great strides in minimizing the threat of COVID-19 over the summer, the recent rise in variant cases makes it clear that monitoring and reacting to the evolution of the pandemic will continue to be a significant priority. We are fortunate that the large majority of our student body is eligible for the vaccine, which will allow us to get back to the unhindered, in-person learning so vital to our students’ growth and social and emotional wellbeing. Visit our 2021-22 COVID-19 Education Plan web page for details regarding our plan for the year, and look for additional updates as we continue to monitor the situation. 

Recognizing how important a politically neutral environment is to learning - especially in our partisan society - we are also focusing on creating an atmosphere in our classrooms that allows Red Knights to freely consider multiple perspectives as they confront challenging content. Students will be encouraged to grapple with issues through the lens of Catholic social teaching and use their hearts and minds to engage in intellectually rigorous, morally informed, respectful dialogue. Every Red Knight will be pushed to develop the enduring skills of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.  

Perhaps what excites me the most about 2021-22 is the opportunity to welcome all of you on campus for the first time in more than a year. Stay tuned for details about special events and opportunities that will allow us to foster the fellowship and connections so important to our community.

I hope each of you had a fantastic summer, and I look forward to seeing you soon. 


Adam Ehrmantraut, Ed.D.