All-Girls Engineering Class Receives National Excite Award

All-Girls Engineering Class Receives National Excite Award

Congratulations to the BSM inaugural all-girls engineering class on being selected as the only team in Minnesota to receive the National Excite Award. As a result, the class is now in the final running  to be named a 2019-2020 Lemelson-MIT InvenTEAM, comprised of high school students, educators and mentors that receive up to $10,000 to invent technological solutions to real-world problems. They will find out in the fall if they are one of 15 final InvenTEAMs.

The class of 22 sophomores and junior girls is led by BSM Engineering Teacher, Anne Dougherty in partnership with Dr. Peter Kirwin and Mr. Paul Wichser. As part of the Excite Award, Ms. Dougherty will attend Eurekafest at MIT in June. She will experience professional development in invention education, see this year’s InvenTeam grantees showcase their inventions, receive feedback and have fun with a fantastic cohort of like-minded educators.

The class has been meeting to brainstorm invention possibilities and students have identified a few target audiences where they currently have connections and passions.

To narrow down and determine the inventions they will pursue, four to five students will examine each opportunity and spend time in the concept phase where they will gather additional research about users' needs, competitive products and existing patents.

These small groups will also be charged with brainstorming ideas for appropriate solutions. Each student group will then come back and present their audience, the problem/opportunity and their proposed ideas. They will decide as a group which opportunity to pursue.

If chosen, the Lemelson InvenTEAM grant will help these students broaden the scope of what service learning means and improve students’ abilities to truly impact their communities for the better. What an amazing opportunity for our Red Knight Engineering 2 ladies!

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