2020 BSM Football Ticket Policies

2020 BSM Football Ticket Policies

Based on Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) requirements for events, BSM is only allowed 250 fans at football games this year. The football district has decided that each school will receive 125 tickets.

Ticket Policies

  • Ticket priority will be given to the families of Varsity football team members. Senior families will be allotted three tickets for home games and four tickets for away games. Varsity team underclassmen families will be allotted two tickets per game (both home and away).
  • Ticket prices are $7 each and will be charged to the student’s tuition account.
  • Varsity football families will be REQUIRED to confirm use of their tickets each week by TUESDAY at 7 p.m. by going to Football Varsity Team Weekly Ticket Confirmation.

How to Request Home Game Tickets via Lottery System

1. BSM SENIORS (Class of 2021) have until Tuesday at 7 p.m. to register for the lottery. Click here to register.

  • Tickets are $7 and will be charged to the student’s tuition account.
  • Class of 2021 students who register for the lottery and are not chosen will automatically go into the waitpool.  

2. BSM JUNIORS (Class of 2022) -- sign up for the waitpool by clicking here

3. BSM 9/10 Football families -- sign up for the waitpool by clicking here.

4. BSM Faculty/Staff -- sign up for the waitpool by clicking here

5. BSM Non-Football Current Parent -- sign up for the waitpool by clicking here

6. BSM Alumni/Past Parents/Friends of BSM - sign up for waitpool by clicking here

BSM will know 36 hours in advance if an opponent is not using their entire allotment of tickets. These tickets will be put in our waitpool. All waitpool tickets will be $7 each and payment instructions will be provided as ticket requestors come off the waitpool. Each week’s ticket waitpool will be available to sign up starting at 7:30 a.m. on Monday morning.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS - Varsity Football Families

Families of Varsity Football rostered players will need to confirm their ticket order by Tuesday at 7 p.m. each week.  Any tickets not confirmed will go to the BSM SENIOR lottery and/or waitpool. Ticket pick up MUST take place by 3 p.m. on Thursday at Judy Koski’s office (located in the Haben Center Lobby). Any tickets not claimed by 3 p.m. on Thursday will go to the waitpool.


Waitpool priority will be as follows:

  • BSM Seniors (Class of 2021) not chosen via lottery -- max 5
  • BSM Juniors (Class of 2022) -- max 10
  • BSM 9/10 Football Families
  • BSM Faculty/Staff
  • BSM Alumni/Past Parents/Friends of BSM

Waitpool members will be notified by email by Noon on Friday if tickets are available. No notification will be sent out to those not selected.


BSM SENIORS (Class of 2021) will be notified by school email by 10 a.m. on Wednesday. Students will have until 3 p.m. on Thursday to pick up their ticket from Judy Koski’s office located in the Haben Center Lobby. Remember, any tickets not cliamed by 3 p.m. on Thursday will go into the waitpool.

Attendance Protcols

If attending a game, home or away, masks are required when entering and exiting varsity game facilities.

Once seated, masks are recommended, but not required, unless you are unable to maintain six feet of distance with other family units.

Live Stream

For those who wish to watch from home, tune into the Live Stream of the game on October 9 here.