Clay Target Team

Advisers: John Porisch, Greg Grazzini and Rob Nelson

The team also depends on many parent volunteers and the support staff at the Minnetonka Sportsmens Club.

Clay Target at BSM is a 7 - 12 grade activity for both girls and boys. There are two opportunities to participate in Clay Target at BSM through the year. The fall season, or practice season, is 6 weeks in duration and is open for all 7 - 12 graders. The spring season, or competitive season, is 11 - 12 weeks in duration and is open to all 9 - 12 graders. The spring season provides an opportunity to letter and includes an optional opportunity to participate in the world’s largest shooting event, contested in mid-June at Alexandria’s gun club.

Time Commitment: The fall season (practice) starts after labor day and ends before MEA on Wednesday evenings, 5 p.m. - sundown.Meet in the spring season competitively beginning the first week in April and runs until the first week of June (with an optional shoot in Alexandria mid-June).

Please note: ALL Participants must have a Minnesota DNR Firearm Safety Certificate.

Clay Target - 2017 Fall Roster
Last Name First Name Grade
Anderson Leif 12
Baxter Ian 10
Carnish Quinn 10
Dyka Gavin 10
Dyka Griffin 10
Gables Jack 12
Golinvaux Cecelia 11
Gonyea Dayton 12
Grieger Will 12
Hasper Jack 10
Hoffman Max  9
Jacobsen Carson 12
Jacobsen Jake  9
Kahnke Peter 9
Kelly Matt 11
Madden Theodore 8
McBride Peter 8
McMahon Finn 9
Michalak Henry 12
Mostrom Warren 12
Murphy Finn 9
Neill Lucas 12
Noble Liam 9
Plut Spencer 8
Qualen Josh 9
Salden Max 11
Siedel Mia 11
Slaughter D.j.  10
Spurgat Nathan 11
Stelljes Roger 11
Swindlehurst Noah 12
Van Hove Patrick 12
Voss Andrew 11
Ziaja Emmett 12