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Senior High

Give Your Teenager the Educational Experience They Deserve

BSM offers a challenging, college-preparatory academic program to every student with a solid core curriculum and a broad selection of elective courses in a variety of subjects.

Students learn from our faculty in a dynamic and engaging learning environment with dialogue, opportunities to use critical thinking skills, and methods to apply the knowledge learned in innovative and creative ways.

The BSM curriculum includes numerous Honors courses and 23 Advanced Placement courses. Students at BSM consistently score well above average on the ACT and SAT tests and are among the top National Merit finalists, semifinalists, and commended scholars in the state.

Whether your student stays in Minnesota or takes advantage of opportunities around the globe, they will be prepared to attend some of the very best colleges and universities in the world.

Read a welcome message from our senior high principal, Stephanie Nitchals.

Learn about specific courses and programs offered at BSM below:

Course Offerings


Choose from courses designed to equip you with advanced studies in business, law, accounting, management, and marketing.

College Credit Options

Get a head-start on life after high school with actual college courses while at BSM, earning college credits to further after graduation.

Engineering And Computer Science

Build creative confidence, inspire others, take risks, and engage in real-world engineering processes, solving real problems.


These courses develop your writing and speaking skills through intensive projects designed to nurture valuable life-long habits and skills.

Fine Arts - Visual

Choose from courses providing students with opportunities to express themselves creatively.

Fine Arts – Performance

Express yourself creatively by playing an instrument in the BSM Band or String Orchestra, sing with the choir, or try your hand at percussion.

Counseling & Learning Support

Personalized assistance from BSM faculty for academic learning and preparing for life after high school.

Health & Physical Education

Learn healthy habits which can lead to a desired quality of life, collaborative mindset, and holistic approach to staying active.


These courses deliver the necessary math concepts and methods to master the problem-solving skills needed after high school.

Internships & Capstone (EPIC & RED)

Choose from a variety of course topics mirroring the modern workplace: solve problems, innovate, and collaborate to be a catalyst for good.

Social Studies

These courses present concepts necessary to engage our democracy and interconnected world: critical thinking, rhetoric, and analytical skills.


These courses are organized in small groups and project-based settings examining biology, chemistry, physics, forensics, and biomedical science.


These courses build the next layer in your relationship with God, others, self, and creation through related a variety of service projects.

World Language

Broaden your perspectives and make connections to other cultures and communities through the acquisition of another language.

Senior High Events

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Senior High Course Offerings

Principal's Welcome Message

Senior High
2023-24 Quick Links

Senior High
2024-25 Quick Links

Senior High
2024-25 Courses

Senior High Leadership Team

Stephanie Nitchals
Senior High Principal

Matt Weingartz
Senior High Assistant Principal:
All students A-L

Michael Kautzman
Senior High Assistant Principal:
All students M-Z

BSM’S Guidance & College Counselors

Amy Larson
for students with last names A-Do

Kate Berry
for students with last names Dr-I

Heidi Wessman
for students with last names J-Me

Vicky Haas
for students with last names Mi-Sa

Amanda Anderson
for students with last names Sc-Z

Laura Esping
Chemical Health Counselor

Dr. Jules Nolan
licensed Psychologist for grades 7-12

Ty Cody, ED.S.
school psychologist

Dr. Jeff Steffenson
on-campus therapist

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