Senior High

BSM Course Selection – February 2021

Senior High Program of Studies

Incoming Freshman Course Selection Steps: Class of 2025 
1.  Watch this video about Course Selection
2.  Look at Course Descriptions in Program of Studies.
3.  Look at your “Course Recommendations Sheet” sent to you in the mail later in February.
4.  Watch videos here if to find out more about courses - use "redknights" as username
5.  Write down courses you want to take on Freshman Course Selection Worksheet
6.  Finally, contact your son or daughters Senior High Guidance Counselor at to make your final selections.
Need additional help?
After completing the steps above, if you have questions, write them down. Counselors and teachers will be available on March 6 and 9 to meet with incoming freshmen and parents via Zoom.
Here is the list of counselors (assigned by student's last name) and teachers, and when they are available: Counselors and Teachers available to meet on 3/6 and 3/9
Here is the link to sign up with your counselor or teachers for a time on March 6 or March 9:
After signing up for a meeting, you should get a confirmation with a Zoom link.

Current 9th-11th Grade BSM Student Course Selection Steps

1.  Look at Course Descriptions in Program of Studies
2.  Watch the appropriate grade-level counselor video
·       Sophomore Course Video (for current freshmen)
·       Junior Course Video (for current sophomores)
·       Senior Course Video (for current juniors)
3.  Watch department videos here if to find out more about courses - use "redknights" as username. Look at this document for descriptions of Wellness options
4.  Circle courses you want to take on appropriate grade-level Course Selection Worksheet
·      Sophomore Course Selection Worksheet (for current freshmen)
·      Junior Course Selection Worksheet (for current sophomores)
·      Senior Course Selection Worksheet (for current juniors)
5.  If you do NOT meet the prerequisite/recommended grade for a course, you MUST fill out this override google form
6.  Finally, you will select your courses with counselors in the Great Hall the week of 2/22-2/26
(You’ll get more information about when you will select courses via announcements and email)

Requirements for Graduation

This Program of Studies has been designed to provide information for students and parents as they make informed decisions regarding course selection during their years at Benilde-St. Margaret’s. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss their course selections with their counselors, teachers and parents. Benilde-St. Margaret’s offers a variety of elective courses that enhance a college preparatory curriculum. With this philosophy in mind, we will not allow students to complete their studies after the first semester of senior year.

The following is a summary of the courses that are required for graduation. One credit equals one semester of satisfactory completion of coursework, with the exception of Physical Education 9, Wellness 10, Wellness 11, Wellness 12 College and Career Planning.

  • English: 8 credits
  • Theology: 8 credits
  • Fine Arts: 2 credits
  • Science: 6 credits
  • Guidance: 1 credit
  • Social Studies: 6 credits
  • Health: 1 credit
  • Wellness/PE: 2.25 credits
  • Mathematics: 6 credits
  • World Language: 4 credits
  • Electives: 7 credits

Total credits=51.25

The courses listed in this Program of Studies will not necessarily be the same as the final courses offered during the school year. The number of students registered for a course, scheduling priorities and personnel will determine final course offerings. Counselors are available to students and parents throughout the course selection process.

Please see the Program of Studies for the Following Information:

  • Advanced Placement and Honors Courses
  • Auditing a Class
  • BSM Hour
  • Course Change Policy
  • Post-Secondary Enrollment Options
  • Shortage of Credits
  • Study Abroad
  • Withdrawals from a Course
  • College Admission Requirements
  • NCAA Eligibility Requirements
  • Four-Year Plan
  • Sample Schedules