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Learning Support

BSM believes that neurodiverse learners can be successful in a college prep setting with appropriate support and accommodations.

BSM's Learning Support Team assists students with diagnosed learning disabilities and other diverse learning needs by providing services which include:

  • Learning Lab,
  • Quiet Study, and
  • Check In- Check Out.

All services are designed to help students advocate for themselves in the areas of organization, test preparation, work habits, and work completion.

The Director of Learning Support works with incoming families of diverse learners to develop accommodation plans based on assessment reports provided by the family. The team also acts as a resource for teachers, parents, and students, utilizing different formats including:

  • Learning Lab: small group instruction in executive functions
  • Quiet Study: supervised time to do homework
  • Check In- Check Out: 1:1 planner checks. before and after school for grades 7-9

Learn how to apply for standardized test accommodations (pdf)

Learn about the assistive technology available at BSM (pdf)

BSM Learning Support 

Kristin Gilbertson, Director 

Alyssa Hugdahl, Junior High Learning Support Specialist 

Katherine Johnson, Senior High Learning Support Specialist 

Maureen Miller, Senior High Learning Support Specialist 

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