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EPIC is Benilde-St. Margaret's partnership program with business professions providing students with unique opportunities to EXPLORE passions and career paths, PARTNER with professionals, gain INSPIRATION, and CONNECT with experts in various fields inside and outside the four walls of the classroom.

EPIC strives to provide students with:

  • Authentic connections to curriculum with real-world application
  • Opportunities to explore passions and career options
  • Networking with BSM alumni, parents, and the greater community

EPIC programs encompass the following:


Students gain direct experience working in the field both internally at BSM and externally with local companies and organizations. Students have the opportunity to take a deep dive into fields of interest while also bringing authentic value to the company or organization through their talents and skills, giving back to the organizations partnering with BSM.

These internships are typically multi-day or multi-week experiences.


Students explore a company or organization up close, for a period of time on a single day. Students have the opportunity to tour professional facilities, use some of the "tools of the trade," conduct mini-interviews, and more. Learning from people in a particular industry or business about what their careers look like in real-world settings provides them with amazing insight into their future professional paths.

These job shadow and/or site visit experiences may involve several students and employees.  


Students meet professionals through industry-specific conferences, events, conventions, and workshops. Students have the opportunity to listen to keynote speakers, connect with vendors, network with professionals, work through simulated scenarios, and more. This provides them with the perspective and context that enables them to explore passions while learning about a given occupation or vocation.

These events are single-day events either on campus or off campus.  


Students are matched with mentors from external partner organizations for collaboration on specific projects. These professional connections provide students with insight and individualized guidance. These mentoring relationships can be facilitated in the classroom or via phone, email, or video conferencing. 

get involved with the epic program

Reach out to Dr. Steve Pohlen via email ( or phone: (612) 618-2419 to get involved with the EPIC Program.


Steve Pohlen, EdD, Coordinator 

EPIC Programs include:

Student Experience Programs at BSM