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Senior High Curriculum

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Enrollment in a yearlong English course is required of freshmen. Placement is based on test scores and teacher recommendation. Some freshmen may be required to enroll in English Composition in addition to English 9.


Enrollment in a yearlong English 10 course is required. In addition, these elective options (listed under “Senior”) are available to sophomores: Creative Writing, Debate, Journalistic Writing, Mythology, Twentieth Century Drama and Video Journalism.


Juniors are required to take two one-semester courses: either the American Literature or American Studies along with either Advanced Composition or AP Language and Composition. In addition, with the exception of AP English Literature and Composition and Non-Fiction Writing, juniors may choose to enroll in any English electives listed under “Senior.”


Enrollment in two English electives is required. One elective per semester.


Junior High Curriculum

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In English students study grammar, usage, mechanics, speaking, writing, and spelling. Areas of emphasis are determined by student strengths and needs. Students are encouraged to improve their understanding and communication by relating the different areas of language study. Students also apply their writing skills across the curriculum.

Year-long course required of 7th and 8th graders.


In literature a student develops his/her vocabulary, comprehension skills, and ability to interpret and evaluate written material. Students are introduced to both classical and modern literature of every genre. The 7th grade course emphasizes American literature, the 8th grade course, mythology and legends. Students are encouraged to read independently.

Year-long course required of 7th and 8th graders.

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Sr. High English Curriculum

Jr. High English Curriculum


English Teachers:

Katie Belanger
English Teacher
952-927-4176, ext. 2226
Josh Belanger
Jr. High Literature and Life Skills Teacher, Learning Specialist, Ski & Snowboard Club Adviser, Co-teacher of American Experience Class,
952-927-4176, ext. 2281
Maura Brew
English Teacher
952-927-4176, ext. 2207
Anne Marie Dominguez
English Teacher
952-927-4176, ext. 2284
Scott Effertz
English Teacher, Drama Director, AV Director
952-927-4176, ext. 2445
Michelle Fristrom
Jr. High Math & Literature Teacher
952-927-4176, ext. 2217
Greg Hoemke
Jr. High English Teacher, Football Varsity Asst. Coach & Varsity Baseball Coach
952-927-4176, ext. 2227
Ryan Hogan
Senior High English Teacher
Tiffany Joseph
English Teacher
952-927-4176, ext. 2412
Kari Koshiol
English Teacher, Assistant Speech Coach, Journalism Advisor
952-927-4176, ext. 2238
Alyson Markham
Jr. High English and History Teacher
952-927-4176, ext. 2245
Casey Mosich
Junior High English Teacher
Callianne Olson
Junior and Senior High English Teacher, Jr. High Girls' Soccer Coach
952-927-4176, ext. 2219
Änna Overbo
English Teacher, Assistant Speech Coach
952-927-4176, ext. 2253
Dave Platt
Junior High Dean of Students, Literature Teacher, Head Boys' Soccer Coach
952-927-4176, ext. 2428
Erin Siats
Junior and Senior High English Teacher
Dan Sylvester
Jr. High American Experience Teacher, Technology Integration Assistant, Track & Field Coach
952-927-4176, ext. 2273
2501 Highway 100 South, St. Louis Park, MN 55416     952-927-4176