A Catholic, college-preparatory school, grades 7-12

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Senior High Curriculum

All students are required to complete two semesters of a fine arts course, either art or music before graduation.  

The art program at BSM provides students with the opportunity for developing creativity, imaginative and effective visual expression, with a link to cultural history.  Art & Design is a foundation course that fulfills one of two fine arts credits required for graduation. Following this prerequisite class, a student may enroll in classes involving more specific media and techniques.  

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Junior High Curriculum

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 Art Teachers:

Leah Klister
Jr. & Sr. High Art Teacher
952-927-4176, ext. 2219
Nan Onkka
Art Teacher
952-927-4176, ext. 2235
Kelli Rahn
Department Chair - Visual Arts, Art Teacher, Senior High Yearbook Advisor
952-927-4176, ext. 2265
Zach Zimny
Senior High Art Teacher
2501 Highway 100 South, St. Louis Park, MN 55416     952-927-4176