Faculty and Staff Directory

dennis.maki's picture

Dennis Maki

School Liaison Officer
952-915-4358 Ex 2299
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Andrea Manos

Junior & Senior High English Teacher
952-915-4358 Ex 2224
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Alyson Markham '01

Junior High Social Studies Teacher
952-915-4358 Ex 2245
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Debbie Martinson

Executive Assistant to the President
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Alisa May

Health Teacher
952-915-4358 Ex 2439
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Carol McLain

Physical Education Teacher
952-915-4358 Ex 2421
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Bruce McLean

Social Studies Teacher
Matthew.McMerty-Brummer's picture

Matthew McMerty-Brummer

Spanish Teacher, Student Diversity
952-915-4358 Ex 2234
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Becca Meagher

Campus Minister & Junior High Religion Teacher
952-915-4358 Ex 2460
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Maureen Miller

Learning Specialist
952-915-4358 Ex 2218
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Anne Moen

Maintenance & Event Coordinator
952-915-4358 Ex 2446
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Rikki Mortl

Junior High Principal
Casey.Mosich's picture

Casey Mosich

English Teacher
952-915-4358 Ex 2282
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Mary Murray

Spanish Teacher
952-915-4358 Ex 2298