Educating Servant Leaders - in Body, Spirit and Mind

Benilde-St. Margaret's School is a premier Catholic,
college-preparatory school. Located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota,
we educate students in grades 7-12.

BSM offers a challenging curriculum and a uniquely caring experience that includes faith formation, academic rigor, social responsibility and extensive extracurricular activities. Students have the opportunity to build a strong foundation for a successful future. BSM thrives in the traditions of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, the Christian Brothers and the Benedictines who have all shared in our history and developed our institutional character.

Adam George
Junior High Social Studies Teacher
"I consider teaching at BSM an amazing privilege. Our students are some of the most genuinely kind & eager learners & they make my job thoroughly enjoyable. I can't imagine a more welcoming, caring community."
Jane McDonald Black
Current & Past Parent
"My children haven't just learned from books. Engineering has taught them to collaborate, English has taught them to think critically, math has taught them to solve, and theology has taught them to care about the world."
Kari Koshiol '99
Senior High English Teacher & Alumna
"As a student, BSM was my home away from home; now as a teacher, I find the same thing to be true: BSM creates a caring and supportive community built around providing a quality education for the whole student."
Patrick Kocourek '85
Current Parent & Alumnus
“BSM has truly challenged my children to become the best they can be in their classrooms & in their community involvement. As a parent & alum, I could not be happier with the education they are receiving."
Brandon Banks '16
"BSM provided many opportunities that allowed me to grow & develop in amazing ways. All these experiences & acquired knowledge sparked my interest in leadership, service to others & engineering."
Jillian P. '23
Current Student
“Benilde-St. Margaret’s School is a great place to learn with a cool environment. BSM has so many great teams, clubs and activities. There really is something for everyone.”
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