A Catholic, college-preparatory school, grades 7-12
Wrestling Awards


All Conference Honorable Mention Award Zach Bigelbach
All Section Academic Award Zach Bigelbach, Riley Norman
Fastest Pin (:09) Alex Fischer
Iron Man Award Orlando Bush
Most Escapes (16) Riley Norman
Most improved Award Jacob Randall
Most Memorable Match Tate Lyster
Most Near Falls Points (82) Zach Bigelbach
Most Pins (11) Alex Fischer
Most Reversals (8) Jacob Randall
Most Takedowns (33) Zach Bigelbach
Most Valuable Award Zach Bigelbach
Rookie of the Year Walker Mullin, Ikenna Ujuagu
State Participant Zach Bigelbach


All Conference Award Jameer Anderson, Charlie Wolfe
All Conference Honorable Mention Award Zach Bigelbach, Triston Zuniga
All Conference Academic Award Charlie Wolfe
All Section Academic Award Zach Bigelbach, Charlie Wolfe
Coach's Award Jacob Randall, Colby Wessling
Fastest Pin (:18) Jameer Anderson
Iron Man Award Tony Thies
Most Escapes (41) Henry Wolfe
Most Improved Award George Wolfe
Most Memorable Match Dustin Dallman (Edina 2OT), Hank Hanson (Rumble on the Red), Triston Zuniga (Section 5AA Semifinal)
Most Near Fall Points (85) Charlie Wolfe
Most Pins (30 Jameer Anderson
Most Reversals (17) Triston Zuniga
Most Takedowns (45) Jameer Anderson
Most Valuable Award Jameer Anderson
Rookie of the Year Dustin Dallman
Step Up Award Alex Fischer


All Conference Award JinLee Gunvalson, Charlie Wolfe
All Conference Honorable Mention Award Jameer Anderson, Zach Bigelbach, Seoulec Gunvalson, Peter Oakland
All Conference Academic Award Robert (Blaise) Fitzgerald
All Section Academic Award Zach Bigelbach, Robert (Blaise) Fitzgerald, Charlie Wolfe
Rookie of the Year Hunter Downey, Grant Gustafson
Step Up Award Alex Fischer, Malik Nolen
Most Pins (14) JinLee Gunvalson
Fastest Pin (:21) Charlie Wolfe
Most Memorable Match Seoulec Gunvalson, Peter Oakland
Most Escapes Seoulec Gunvalson
Most Takedowns (42) Seoulec Gunvalson
Most Improved Award Seoulec Gunvalson, Grant Gustafson
Most Reversals (15) Logan Kass
Most Near fall Points (146) Logan Kass
Iron Man Award Logan Kass
Coach's Award Henry Wolfe
Most Valuable Award Logan Kass


Section 5AA/Team Runner Up
Section 5AA/Individual Champs (5)
Section 5AA/Individual Runner Up (3)

All Conference Award Jake Allar, Jameer Anderson, Carter Burn, Christian DuLaney, Logan Kass
All Conference Honorable Mention Award Zach Bigelbach, Blaise Fitzgerald, Hunter Rust, Charlie Wolfe
All Conference Academic Award Carter Burn
All State Award Jake Allar, Christian DuLaney, Logan Kass
NSC Wrestler of the Year Christian DuLaney
Most Valuable Wrestler Jake Allar
Most Improved Award Zach Bigelbach, Hunter Rust
Coach's Award Carter Burn
Rookie of the Year Charlie Wolfe
Iron Man Award Logan Kass
Lifter Award Christian DuLaney
Step Up Award Christian Ehlen, Logan Kass, Murphy Simonetti
Fastest Pin Christian DuLaney (:11)
Most Takedowns Christian DuLaney (90)
Most Pins Jake Allar (22)
Most Near Fall Points Logan Kass (171)
Most Reversals Jake Allar & Logan Kass (17)
Most Escapes Kameron Herndon (34)
MN Wrestling Coaches Assn: Silver Plaque Award (Team GPA 3.0-3.49)

MSHSL Spotlight on Scholarship
(varsity w/3.0 GPA or higher)

Jake Allar, Carter Burn, Frankie Gormley, Kameron Herndon, Charlie Wolfe
# of Wrestlers @ State School Record (8)


All Conference Award:  Jake Allar, Carter Burn, Christian DuLaney, Jarred Oftedahl
All Conference Honorable Mention Award:  Jameer Anderson, Logan Kass
All State Award:  Jarred Oftedahl (1st Place), Christian DuLaney (2nd Place), Jake Allar (4th Place), Logan Kass (4th Place)
Most Valuable Award:  Carter Burn
Outstanding Wrestler:  Jarred Oftedahl
Most Improved Award:  Jameer Anderson
Rookie of the Year:  Tony Czajkowski
Iron Man Award:  Jake Allar
Step Up Award:  Zach Bigelbach
Fastest Pin:  Frankie Gormley (15 sec)
Most Takedowns:  Jake Deutschlander (152)
Most Pins:  Jarred Oftedahl (35) / School Record
Most Near Fall Points:  Logan Kass (153 pts) / School Record
Most Reversals:  Jake Allar (19), Logan Kass (19)
Most Escapes:  Carter Burn (35)


All Conference Award: Jake Allar
All Conference Honorable Mention Award:
Jameer Anderson, Steven Hayes, Logan Kass, Dillon Smith
All Conference Academic Award: Neil Davis, Ian Norman
Most Valuable Award:
Logan Kass, Jarred Oftedahl
Outstanding Wresler: Jake Allar
Coach's Award: Jameer Anderson
Rookie of the Year: Tony Czajkowski
Iron Man: Steven Hayes
Step Up (dual meet/getting job done): Seoulec Gunvalson, John Hayes
Fastest Pin: Ian Norman (6 sec)
Most Pins:
Jarred Oftedahl (32)
Most Takedowns:
Jake Allar (58)
Most Near Falls Points:
Logan Kass (116)
Most Reversals: Steven Hayes (23)
Most Escapes: Carter Burn (24)
Most Stalling!! Dillon Smith (18)


All-Conference Award: Payton Goodrich, Seoulec Gunvalson, Jarred Oftedahl, Dillon Smith
All-Conference Honorable Mention Award: Jake Deutschlander
All-Conference Academic Award: Payton Goodrich
Fastest Pin: Jake Deutschlander
Most Takedowns: Jake Deutschlander
Most Escapes: Seoulec Gunvalson
Most Reversals: Seoulec Gunvalson, Jeff Laux
Most Near Falls: Jarred Oftedahl
Most Pins:
Jarred Oftedahl


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