A Catholic, college-preparatory school, grades 7-12
Girls' Lacrosse

Stickwork Regimen - on your own!

  • 20x throw/catch - no cradle (one hand only)     R
  • 20x throw/catch - no cradle  (one hand only)    L
  • 20x throw/catch  - no cradle (2 hands)             R
  • 20x throw/catch - no cradle (2 hands)              L            
  • 20x throw/catch - cradle to left shoulder, pull back to right, repeat   R
  • 20x throw/catch - cradle to the right shoulder, pull back to left, repeat  L
  • 20x throw right, catch left, throw left, catch right (pass, switch, catch)
  •  20x throw right, catch right, switch to left, throw left, catch left, switch to right (pass, catch, switch)
  • 20x throw right reverse, catch right
  • 20x throw left reverse, catch left
  • 20x throw right, catch right reverse
  • 20x throw left, catch left reverse

2002 was the year when Girls' Lacrosse made an appearance at BSM.  Varsity, JV, B Squad and Junior High teams welcome all girls who are interested in the sport.

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