A Catholic, college-preparatory school, grades 7-12

Reviving Ophelia

Reviving Ophelia is an activity for BSM girls in grades 9-12. The group will get together twice a month to talk about the issues that girls struggle with while in high school – self esteem, body image, relationships, anxiety, stress, etc. We also hope to make girls aware of issues women have faced in the past, and issues women still face today. For example, we help publicize Women’s History Month (March) each year. Reviving Ophelia is also about having fun and getting to know other girls. The group is different each year, and activities we do are planned at the beginning of the year by the group.

Why is it called Reviving Ophelia? In the Shakespearean play Hamlet, we see Ophelia as a girlfriend, daughter and sister, but never as a young woman true to herself. Again and again, the men in her life shape who she is and what she will be. In Reviving Ophelia, our goal is to turn "Ophelia" upside down, and avoid the tragic situations that happen to so many girls. We want to help girls develop strong, supportive
relationships and skills that will help them become their best selves. After all, it takes a girl to
change the world!

Schedule for 2012-2013:

September :
•    Thursday, September 20th – meeting @ 2:50 in Library Conference Room

•    Thursday, October 4th – meeting @ 2:50 in LCR
•    Thursday, October 25th – meeting @ 2:50 in LCR
•    Saturday, October 27th – Apple Orchard – TBD Location

•    Thursday, November 8th – meeting @ 2:50 in LCR
•    Thursday, November 29th  – meeting @ 2:50 in LCR

•    Thursday, December 13th – Christmas party @ 2:50 at coffee shop on Minnetonka Blvd.

•    Friday, January 18th – Snow Tubing at Elm Creek Park Reserve
•    Thursday, January 24th – meeting @ 2:50 in LCR

•    Thursday, February 7th – meeting @ 2:50 in LCR
•    Thursday, February 21st – meeting @ 2:50 in LCR

•    Thursday, March 7th – meeting @ 2:50 in LCR
•    Thursday, March 21st – meeting @ 2:50 in LCR

•    Thursday, April 4th – meeting @ 2:50 in LCR
•    Thursday, April 18th  – meeting @ 2:50 in LCR
•    Saturday, April 20th – MN Zoo field trip

•    Thursday, May 2nd – meeting @ 2:50 in LCR
•    Thursday, May 16th – meeting @ 2:50 in LCR

•    Thursday, June 6th (Last day of school – early release) – Chuck E. Cheese party


Please access the Reviving Ophelia website for more information:



Amanda Anderson
952-915-4358, ext. 2466

Abigail Baker
952-915-4358, ext. 2208


Kellen Gill


Alexandra Rios-Diaz


2501 Highway 100 South, St. Louis Park, MN 55416     952-927-4176