A Catholic, college-preparatory school, grades 7-12

Reviving Dayesye

Reviving Ophelia is an activity for BSM girls in grades 9-12. The group will get together once or twice a month to talk about the issues that girls struggle with while in high school as well as just to have fun together doing activities both on and off campus.  Any BSM girl can and should join!

Why is it called Reviving Dayesye?  Back at the all-girls school, St. Margaret's Academy, the yearbook title was "The Dayesye" (yes, strange spelling of Daisy).  Also, it is a tradition at BSM (and was at St. Margaret's Academy) to carry a daisy at graduation during the ceremony.  Our leaders wanted to revive some of St. Margaret's Academy's history and spirit, and therefore thought this was the perfect name for a group of spirited BSM girls who have fun together.  And yes, the yearbook was strangely spelled Dayesye, so that's why we also adopted this strange but unique spelling!

We hope you'll join us for a year full of fun!




Amanda Anderson
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Abigail Baker
952-915-4358, ext. 2208



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