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Guidance/College & Career -- Academic Tutoring Options

Note: The following companies and private tutors have either submitted their names to BSM or have been recommended by a BSM teacher or parent. BSM does not claim personal knowledge of each company or individual below.  It is your responsibility to reseach the companies or individuals available.

All Subjects Tutors

Academic Tutoring and Testing - Elayne Engler, M.A.

Tutoring is available in all subject areas for all grade levels. We tutor in math through Calculus and in science through Physics. Summer classes are also available in reading, writing, math and study skills.
Contact Elayne Engler at 952-591-9437 or www.acactutor.com

ADHD Coach - Jenny Biglow

Jenny Biglow is a former BSM Special Needs Teacher. 
Contact Jenny Biglow at Jennybiglow@me.com or 952-451-3161.

Achieve Academics

Contact Jennifer Paidosh, Owner & Director, 763-559-8378 www.achieveacademics.com.  https://www.facebook.com/AchieveAcademicsMn

Description: Achieve Academics help students in our community achieve their personal best in course work and college admissions exams. We offer comprehensive and customized 1:1, semi-private and small group ACT test prep programs. With the help of Master and PhD tutors, we’ve assisted more than 500 local students achieve their academic goals, BSM students included. Achieve Academics is proud to be a 3 time donor to the BSM Auction – A Knight for All Seasons and an active advertiser in sport programs.

This journey is about you and your student, not Achieve Academics and we will do what it takes to assist your student realize their academic goals, no matter where that takes them! BSM references are available upon request. Please Contact Us for a complimentary parent meeting atwww.achieveacademics.com/contactus/ or sign up your student for  a practice test at http://www.achieveacademics.com/practice-test-sign-up/

Club Z In-Home 101 Tutoring Services

Club Z In-Home Tutoring offers individualized, one-on-one, in-home tutoring on all subjects with the same instructor for each session.  Choose from 2 different programs, each of which improves necessary academic skills, identifies the most effective test taking tips and strategies, and helps the student improve their speed for taking the ACT or SAT.    
Contact Ted Brown at 952-239-3868 or www.clubztutoring.com.

College Tutors/Edina Learning Center

Certified tutors in reading, math, science, and language. 
Contact at 952-239-5860 or klossner4@aol.com

General Academic Tutoring and ACT/SAT Tutoring - Cindy Klossner

Cindy Klossner has been a classroom teacher/tutor for many years.
Contact Cindy at 952-239-5860 or email klossner4@aol.com

General Academic Tutoring and ACT Tutoring - Nancy Thimsen

Nancy Thimsen has been a classroom teacher/tutor since 1977.
Contact Nancy at 612-281-1468 or email nthimsen@comcast.net

General Academic Tutoring and ACT Tutoring - Mallory Hoch
A BSM graduate and tutor in English, reading, writing, college essay writing, history (AP or exam prep), Spanish, and study skills and organization.  

Homeworks for Students
Personalized 1/1 in home tutoring.  K - College; Math, science, reading, writing, foreign language, history and test prep. Organization and study skills too. Contact: Sarah Dodge at 612-871-2043 or sarah@homeworksforstudents.com

Karen E. Hemphill, CFA; kehemphill@icloud.com; 612-990-2890

Karen is very good at working with students on general study skills, organization, planning for tests/setting up study plans. she is also very good at editing, resume writing, working with upper schoolers on college applications, essays, cover letters. She had three children graduate from Breck and one is currently in Medical School so she is well versed in the college app process, writing essays, editing etc. Karen can also tutor students in French, English courses and social studies.  

Kay Tutoring
Kay Tutoring offers 1x1 tutoring in all subjects, study skills and coaching to help students realize their potential, test prep, writing help, college essay assistance.  Founder Andrea Kay is a Blake grad, did her undergrad at Yale, and has an M.Ed. from the U.  Tutors are often teachers with a Master's degree or higher. BSM references upon request!
Contact: Andrea Kay at 612-807-2525 or www.kaytutoring.com 

National Honor Society Tutoring – Mr. Rob Epler

Click here to sign up for a tutor. 
Contact Rob Epler at repler@bsmschool.org.

Groves Academy

The Learning Center at Groves Academy offers an array of specialized services for students diagnosed with learning disabilities like dyslexia, and/or attention disorders like ADHD. These services include tutoring, diagnostic testing, summer school, speech-language services, career counseling, and assistive technology. The Learning Center is open year round.

For more information, visit www.grovesacademy.org/the-learning-center 

To schedule an appointment, contact Groves Academy at 952.920.6377 or complete an client information form

Revolution Prep www.revolutionprep.com

Unlimited tutoring sessions for $99/month for 30 minutes sessions or $149/month. Tutoring is available for all subject areas.  Book as many subjects as you need, whenever you need them, with just 48 hours advance notice.  
For questions and/or to enroll, call 877/654-8886.

Huntington Learning Center  


Edina Contact: Heather Garcia at 952-922-2488
Plymouth Contact: Amy Servi at 763-542-0005
Apple Valley Contact: Desire Stratt at 952-953-6533

The Learning Edge Educational Services - Jennifer Paulsen, Director

Contact Jennifer Paulsen at 651-905-0569 or apoeschl@earthlink.net.

Prep School- Sheryl Halpern Newman

Reading and study skills, writing, math (prealgebra to calculus), science (all levels)
Contact Sheryl Halpern Newman at 952-593-0369 or www.academiccoaching.net

Yellow Parachute 
Puts the BRIGHT spot in your educational story.  Our model, founded on 20 years of direct experience bridging the gap between the classroom and individual student’s needs, puts your student on the path to success.  We emphasize the supportive relationship between Personal Learning Coach and Student as a defining component in inspiring each student and are actively hiring talented teachers (especially in math and science) to put the best teachers with students who need them most.  You benefit from the experience of 1:1 tutoring with the network and knowledge base of a multi-tutor company. 

We welcome your phone call or website visit to find out more about Learning Coach availability and costs:


Math and Science Tutors

Math Tutors – Robert Duffy and Associates

Prealgebra to Calculus, including statistics 
Contact Robert Duffy at 612-819-2699 or coachrobert@magnatestprep.com

Math and Physics Tutor - Dr. Robert Cassola
Dr. Cassola has a Ph.D. in Physics and Math and he has taught physics/math at Ohio State University, Concordia University, and the University of Minnesota.  Dr. Cassola has tutored many students throughout the years in various subjects and also as preparation for the ACT exam. Dr. Cassola does NOT tutor for AP Statistics.  
robert.cassola@gmail.com, 952-474-6174 

Math Tutor – Andre Caron, M.A.

Prealgebra to Calculus & Statistics.
Contact Andre Caron at 952-949-0573 or amcaron1@msn.com.

Math, Chemistry and Physics Tutor - Jim Gamble

Contact Jim at jimwillg@msn.com,  cell (952) 463-6243.  Jim tutors all types of math, including statistics. 

Math Tutor - Larry Guzan

Larry Guzan is a BSM parent and Master's in Mathematics.
Contact Larry at cme677@yahoo.com or 952-250-8382.

Math Tutor - Andrea Poeschl

Andrea Poeschl holds a Master's degree in Mathematics and has experience tutoring all levels of math from grade 3 - College Algebra.  She does not tutor for AP Statistics.
Contact Andrea at 651-353-1343 or poeschlmathtutoring@gmail.com.

Math Tutor - Grades 6-9 - Michelle Fristrom

Michelle is available during the summer months only.

Contact Michelle at mfristrom@bsmschool.org.

Math and Science Tutor - Randall Sarkis

Randall Sarkis is an Engineer and Tutor. Randall tutors all subjects in Math (Algebra through AP Calculus, including statistics) and Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
Contact Randall Sarkis at 952-368-4401 or randallgsarkis@yahoo.com.

Chemistry or Physics Tutor - William Drasler B.S. M.S.

Contact William Drasler at William@WilliamDraslerTutoring.com or http://www.williamdraslertutoring.com.

Professional Math Tutors – Abraham Gadalla

Contact Abraham Gadalla at 763-420-3875 or a_gadalla@comcast.net.  Abe tutors AP Calculus BC, AP Calculus AB, Precalculus, Trigonometry, Geometry, Algebra II, Algebra I, ACT math, SAT math, and Functions and Statistics, but not in depth on statistics.

Scholastically Superior: Tutoring and Mentoring - Niki Galownia, Ph.D.

Private tutoring for a wide range of subjects with particular expertise in math and science. 15+ years tutoring experience. References available. 
Contact Niki at 612-581-7637 or niki.galownia@gmail.com.

Reading Tutors

Reading and Spelling Tutoring

Orton-Gillingham of Minnesota is offering summer sessions for students who need help with reading and spelling. More details and registration form. Also, help available for students with ADSS, Dyslexia and other special needs.
Contact Orton-Gillingham at 763-951-2379.

Reading Therapist - Patricia Sequeira OG-CT (Orton-Gillingham Certified Teacher)

Patricia Sequeira is a parent of BSM graduates. She is a Reading Therapist, trained in levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Orton-Gillingham, a multisensory approach to teaching, reading, and spelling. Patricia is a Dyslexia Practitioner, OG-CT(Orton-Gillingham Certified Teacher, CDP (Certified Dyslexia Practitioner) and WDP (Wilson Level 1 Dyslexia Practitioner).

Contact Patricia Sequeira at 952-303-2074 or pspatriciaseq@gmail.com

Summer Reading Skills Program – Various Age Groups

Contact Summer Reading Skills Program at 800-964-2030 or http://readingprograms.org.


SWIFT (Speed Reading with Intention, Focus & Technique).  The English Tutor LLC specializes in test prep, English, math, science, college essays, and speed-reading.  Contact founder Rosemary Stalter at rosemary84@comcast.net, or visit https://www.theenglishtutorllc.com/. 

University of Minnesota Center for Reading Research 
Summer Reading Skill and Speed Reading Programs for adults and children.  Offered during the summer in Chanhassen, Edina, Plymouth, and on the U of M campus.  Work on phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, study skills, speed reading, and develop a love of reading.  
Call 1-800-715-1498 for more information.  

Latin Tutor
Contact Kari Tudor - retired Latin teacher with over 25 years experience teaching all levels of Latin.  Willing to tutor via Skype.  tudork514@gmail.com. 

Spanish Tutors

Spanish Tutor – Sra. Eugene, Ph.D.

Contact Sra. Eugene at seugene@mn.rr.com or 952-926-2125.

Spanish Tutor – Kelsey Jacobson

Kelsey is a MN Licensed Spanish Teacher. Kelsey is available during the summer months only.  Contact Kelsey at krjacobson13@gmail.com or 763-807-3858


2501 Highway 100 South, St. Louis Park, MN 55416     952-927-4176